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Catalogue excerpts

2018 Quatro WindSurfing Catalog 375 West Kuiaha Rd, Unit #1 Haiku, HI 96708 United States of America

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Boards Pyramid Pro Cube Pro Super Mini Pro Mono Pro Power Pro 10

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Biaxial Glass Glass Super Light, Direct Flex Monocoque ™ The Direct Flex Monocoque connects your stance to the masttrack and distributes peak loads to the rest of the board, allowing for our boards to be both lighter and more rigid that traditional wave board constructions. And Lamination All model year 2018 Quatro boards use the Pro Carbon S-Glass construction: • • • • Unidirectional Carbon Ultra Strong, Core axis reinforcement This long and wide carbon patch acts as a superior backbone, making you board stiffer and eliminating distortions. Biaxial Carbon Unidirectional Carbon S-Glass Biaxial...

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Pyramid Pro Surfwave Thruster Keith Teboul: “I’ve been working on the Pyramid design with Levi and Camille for a couple of years now. They came to me looking for more speed and more grip without losing any of the looseness and turn ability of this model. I’ve redesigned the rocker to have a nice moderate entry, a smooth constant curve between the stance to keep the glide and a bit of tail release to keep the turns snappy. I added four tail channels to keep the board projecting through turns and with lots of follow through. On top of this I kept the swallow tail to add to the grip in the turns....

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Cube Pro Controlwave Quad Keith Teboul: "The Cube stays true to the quick planing, fast and drivey quad concept. A newly designed rocker and subtle changes in the outline have allowed this board to keep its speed, stay stable and yet snappy with good pivot for all onshore to side shore conditions. I've been playing with diamond tails, getting some very good feedback, so I went with this style of tail to have a shorter rail line for quicker bottom turns and cutbacks, yet have a stable tail to keep you planing through the lulls.” Available in 74, 81, 86, 95, 104 liters. Available in lime and blue...

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Super Mini Pro Compactwave Thruster Keith Teboul: “I‘m lost for words. This new compact board has been blowing my mind. A fast three stage rocker with full vee and double concaves makes this board extremely quick to plane, glide through lulls strongly and stable as a door. Yet when you put it on a rail, the newly configurated diamond tail makes this board turn on a dime and drive forcefully through any section of the wave. Adjustments in the stance and fin positioning are allowing for the most efficient riding possible.” Available in 79, 85, 94, 103 liters. Available in white and red on sanded...

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Mono Pro Powerwave Single Keith Teboul: “Here on Maui I do a lot of custom boards. I’ve realized that there is still a demand for the single fin board. I think a lot of people still enjoy blasting around on a single fin. Our single fin comes with thruster boxes as an option. It has a longer, more pulled in outline from nose to tail. I’ve found that with longer boards you don’t need fuller noses or tails. It has a simple vee bottom with double concaves to soften the ride. A fast progressive rocker for early planing and continued planing through the lulls. This is that old school board with a new...

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Power Pro Freewave Thruster Keith Teboul: “A new three stage rocker concept with a nice flat between the stance and a small release off the tail is allowing this board to really feel free and glide strong and powerful. Again I went with a bump diamond tail to keep some area at one foot off the tail, but have a little less in the tail to allow the board to feel more free when turning. The more parallel outline lends itself to a super stable and quick ride.“ Available in 85, 95, 105 liters. Available in blue and lime on sanded white. Available in Pro Carbon S-Glass construction. Please reference...

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Builds What we put inside Why it‘s different. And why it matters. All Quatro production boards follow the same basic principles. Achieving the lightest possible weight at the highest possible strength. The Pro Carbon S-Glass construction comes with an EPS core. While different models do vary slightly in their details, the big picture is identical, which is great because it means you can trust any Quatro board across the range in the same way.You can plane into glassy side shore wave conditions because they’re super light, you can jump crazy high because they can take an ample beating and resist...

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The features The 2018 Quatro Windsurfing boards come packed with tons of tailored features, individually cared for just like on our famous custom boards built on Maui. Learn about some of those features right here. Find the rest online at quatrowindsurfing.com Tail Kick A raised tail pad, giving you that extra little bit of grip and confidence when leaning yourself into the more twisted kind of moves. The geometry resembles that of tail kicks on surfboards, however we apply them at the smallest possible size so as to keep the tail swing weight at a minimum. Featured on all Quatro boards. Varidens...

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We build your wet dream TM A custom board is the supreme choice for a rider who needs a product tailored to their uncompromised needs. The Quatro Custom World is the holy grail of windsurfing boards. We are not only committed but inherently bound to building, riding and selling boards where it's all at, in Hawaii. All Quatro production boards are based on prototypes built right here in Haiku on Maui. Naturally such dedication translates into the ultimate quality of boards we manufacture. Our heritage goes back as far as 1994 and our hunger for new shapes doesn't ever stop. You get to choose between...

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Board Specs 2018 Pyramid Pro Surfwave Thruster Volume L Length CM Width CM Tail Width CM Weight KG Sail SQM Tail    Color PMS Fins Cube Pro Controlwave Quad Volume L Length CM Width CM Tail Width CM Weight KG Sail SQM Tail    Color PMS Fins Super Mini Pro Compactwave Thruster Volume L Length CM Width CM Tail Width CM Weight KG Sail SQM Tail    Color PMS Fins Mono Pro Powerwave Single Volume L Length CM Width CM Tail Width CM Weight KG Sail SQM Tail    Color PMS Fins 78    231    55    34.5    6    3.7 - 5.0    Round Pin    White    MFC K-ONE 21    US - MT Plastic Covers 86    233    58.5    36    6.3    4.0...

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