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MAINSAIL TRIM GUIDE sjy'-W'■ QUANTUM SAILS TO THE NEXT CHALLEHOE. The fundamental principals of mainsail trim are outlined in this guide. For more detailed information, contact a Quantum Sails Consultant.

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H A LYA R D & C U N N I N G H A M (Luff Tension) The tension required along the luff of the sail is a function of apparent wind velocity. In more wind more tension is needed—and vice versa. This means that you need to vary tension not only when the breeze changes velocity, but also when you change point of sail. Since there is more apparent wind when you sail upwind, you will need more tension than when sailing off the wind. TENSION HALYARD OR CUNNINGHAM SO THAT JUST A HINT OF WRINKLES APPEAR IN LOWER THIRD OF SAIL. Hoist sail with minimum (hand tight) halyard tension. Sheet the sail appropriately...

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MA STBEND Mastbend is created by the compression induced by the backstay on a masthead boat or by a combination of backstay and running backstays on a fractionally rigged boat. When backstay or running backstays are tightened, the force is back but mostly down, pushing the top of the mast down toward the deck. This compresses the mast, and the middle of the mast pushes forward, pulling the luff away from the leech and flattening the sail. Mastbend controls the depth in the upper two-thirds of the sail. The rules discussed in outhaul also apply to mastbend. With more mastbead, the mainsail will...

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TR AVELER The traveler has two functions: It controls the boom’s angle to the wind, and it steers the boat, controlling helm and heeling in puffs and lulls. Boom angle is a function of mainsheet tension. Set the twist with the mainsheet and then use the traveler to position the boom on the centerline for maximum power and pointing, provided that helm and heeling are under control. This means that in light air, when the mainsheet is well eased to promote acceleration, the traveler car will need to be up to weather to put the boom on the centerline. It is the position of the boom relative to the...

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