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"SmartSail" Technology: Introducing the first adaptable sail structure. underlying structural principles from load path jib.

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Load Path Variability with Lead

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Load is Multi-Directional at Every

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Complex fiber layout produces interlocked structural system addressing loads in all directions throughout the sail.

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• Mid sail detail of load path versus smart structure genoa.

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• Fusionm is the first "smart," adaptable sail structure. • As the sail is loaded, the structure moves evenly, and does not allow one part to load up more than another. By avoiding uneven loading, the sail remains easy to trim through a wider range, and does not become distorted, making for better shape life over the long haul. • Fusion is the first sail to utilize an Isostrain, as opposed to a Load Path structure.

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• QSDG Design Program creates the geometry and defines the "design" • S2KV takes geometry and produces pressure distribution and integrated sail forces (aerodynamic analysis)

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• FEA software, ALGOR, computes the aero-structural mechanics of the sail, rig, and rigging, and answers the question, what is the flying shape and what is the stress-strain relationship within the membrane? • Algor takes the geometry (design shape), the aero qualities produced by S2KV, and the design structure (fiber layout) specified by the designer, and calculates the amount of deformation (stretch), as well as shape changes based upon trim. • All of these tools are integrated into a loop. Change the structure or the trim and assess the impact. If the structure is moving too much, change

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