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I Your boat a catch and roleaao ayatem With the complete Rope-A-Boat® system, you'll never have to get in and out of your boat to load or launch again. The complete Rope-A-Boat® system includes all the parts featured on our site and works hard so you don't have to. This system includes: • Electric Winch: This will automatically pull your boat onto the trailei • Stainless bow latch: This will automatically latch your boat to the rope system on your trailer. • Roller suide-on: This will automatically center your boat and safely roll it onto the trailer. • Rope system: This guides your boat straight onto the trailer regardless of boat angle, wii waves, or water current. ® Rope-A-Boat® system comes in follow sizes: 'Dyneema is one of the strongest fibres in the world. The rope has excellent properties with regard to strength, weight, UV-stabiiity (daylight), safety, abrasion, tension fatigue, bending fatigue.

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STANDARD ACCESSORIES • Wireless remote • Manual override switch • Emergency hand crank • Electric brake • Battery lead ELECTRIC TRAILER WINCH With our electric winch, you'll never need to hand-crank your boat onto the trailer again. The three-compartment winch is corrosion resistant and designed specifically for the electric Rope-A-Boat^system. Made of heavy gauge steel, the electric winch offers years of reliable use. Electric Winch Features: • 3,000 pound Winch. Our winch is recommended for boats B,000 pounds or less, (if your boat weighs more than 8,000 pounds, please • Wireless remote....

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With the bow latch, you'll never need to wade in the water to load or unload again: everything is done for you whüe you watch from inside your boat. The bow latch automatically connects your boat to the rope system on your trailer, and replaces your existing bow eye-bolt. To unload your boat, simply pull the manual release to unlatch from the rope system and enjoy your day on the water. The bow latch comes in two sizes: Regardless of size, the bow latch will directly replace your e For boats with existing eye-bolt outside diameters of one and three quarter inches. For boats with existing...

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Roll Guide-on A minimum nine feet of clear trailer frame space is required for proper installation. With the Rope-A-Boat roller guide-on, your boat is centered automatically and glides smoothly into place on your boat trailer. The guide-on ensures that the loading and unloading process is safe and fast. The Rope-A-boat guide-on is easy to install: with provided materials, no additional modifications are needed. Roller Guide-on Features: • Includes stand to mount electric winch. • Fits trailers 18 inches to three feet in width • Silver dura-coating. • Has six angle settings in five-degree...

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