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Catalogue excerpts

QinetiQ GRC Data sheet – Paramarine Design Space Exploration Directorate with a powerful, integrated tool to explore the capability design space for the future Military Afloat Reach and Sustainability (MARS) Fleet Solid Support Class of replenishment ships at a pre-concept stage. The tool was developed with the following aims in mind: • • Paramarine Paramarine is an integrated computer aided design tool for commercial ship, warship and submarine design. Established in the market since 2001, it provides the user with a truly powerful and outstanding set of analyses to help the modern Naval Architect create leading edge designs in a competitive business environment. Recently launched at Version 6.1, Paramarine is widely used around the world and is now valued by users in all continents: Australia, US, France, Canada and of course the UK are some of the many countries using Paramarine. modeFRONTIER modeFRONTIER is a multi-objective optimisation and design environment, written to allow easy coupling to almost any computer aided engineering (CAE) tool, whether commercial or in-house. To identify the implications of different capabilities on build and through-life cost • Parametric Hull To explore the design space for a given set of capabilities (e.g. different speeds, cargo capacities etc.) To enable informed design decisions to be made during subsequent concept design development To handle the large number of designs generated by the design space exploration, an automated process was developed. The automated process was split into two components, the design process, and the exploration process. The design process utilises two software packages, Paramarine V6.1, and Microsoft Excel. Paramarine V6.1 features a link to Excel allowing a “knowledge base” of information, which includes a cost estimation model, to be defined within a series of Excel spreadsheets which can communicate with the ship design aspects held within Paramarine using links set-up by the user. Central to the advanced capability of the design component of the tool is the ability to investigate ship layout on a suitably accurate level for use in the development of overall ship dimensions which are used to define a parametric hullform within Paramarine, using Paramarine’s new “Hull Generator” system (see image). Paramarine and modeFRONTIER have been used to provide the Ministry of Defence Afloat Support www.grc.qinetiq.com

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Data sheet – Paramarine The design component of the tool then makes use of the analysis tools already available within Paramarine to assess the performance and feasibility of the design in terms of stability etc. The design component was set-up to specifically cater for Naval Auxiliary type designs; however, it can be tailored to other design tasks and requirements, and provides a consistent and traceable system which can be easily updated with new information. QinetiQ GRC This has enabled subsequent designs to be generated with an improved understanding of how different capabilities influence...

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