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Data sheet - Paramarme GRC fias enhanced the functionality of Early Stage Design. This allows modern Design for Production (DfP) techniques to be applied at the initial design stage, enabling cvd uai:un o' Dip issues rigm from For complex vessels such as warships, submarines and offshore support vessels, it is essential to consider production aspects of systems and outfit. including their routings, from the earliest stages of design in order to reduce the work content associated with production aspects of the vessel's Deriving the cost of a vessel in the early design represented in a conceptual form providing little Screenshot of Structural Production Analysis showing plates, stiffeners and junctions of a bow section • Engineering based cost estimation • Structure and system producability ■ Shipyard capability audit firm data against which a cost can be generated. Paramarine's early stage design environment is based on the functional Building Blocks methodology pioneered by UCL. Combined with parametrically defined structural definition, the complete design can be deconstructed into materials (plates, stiffeners and materials), equipment and construction activities (labour! allowing the produit ability :o fie evaluated before reaching Ine nio'e costly initial design stage High level definition showing plaUi. iliffenen. junctions and associated weight centroids In both areas of the software, searchable des gn data is associated with semantic information (sprice weight, type, etcj which can be audited to identify items for cost evaluation. Time to perform s cast evaluation is reduced as Is the potential for

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DfP has been implemented in Paramarine by linking the ‘functional design’ with production processes to generate feasibility and costing data associated with a particular build strategy. Different shipyard facilities can therefore be taken into account and the specific construction costs for a particular ship or submarine design ascertained. Such cost and capability information is deliberately not ‘hardwired’ as it is proprietary and varies considerably according to the facilities and production processes of a given shipyard. Bulk carrier hold DfP structural definition Engine and associated system...

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