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QinetiQ GRC Data sheet – Paramarine Hull Generator • Ease of use Hull Generator surfaces are quickly and accurately • Rapid Rapid production of complex forms described from a network of curves. Additional • Robust design internal curves can then be snapped to existing curves in order to form a network. This allows the (A020 20) Hull Generator (A020) designer to focus entirely on the features required This powerful module allows users to quickly create of the hull form, whilst the software ensures the hull forms or any geometric shape within the creation of a smooth, production level surface. Paramarine software suite. Hull Generator provides Tangential and positional constraints can be placed the capability to rapidly define complex surfaces upon the curves in order to better model the using a minimal number of curves. required shape. Using these constraints waterlines, From these surfaces solid bodies can be formed. sections and buttocks can be created. In addition control points used to describe the curves can be wired up to variables within Paramarine. Using this functionality, parametric hulls can be created enabling rapid examination of a range of forms. Due to the abstract nature of Hull Generator a wide variety of shapes can be created which include surface hull forms, submarine casings, and superstructure. Tanker Hull Hull Generator incorporates “X-Topology” which refers to the process of forming a topological network from the curves supplied. This topology is used to infer boundary conditions at the edges of the surface patches formed for the multi-patch hull. Earth Race Liner Hull Definition www.grc.qinetiq.com

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Data sheet – Paramarine QinetiQ GRC A number of new tools have been implemented in V6.0 in order to aid the user create an accurate and The new texture map object allows bitmap files to fair surface. Zebra lines and Gaussian curvature be imported into Paramarine. plots clearly show any areas of inconsistent (photographs or technical drawings) can then be curvature. These bitmaps used as a basis when creating a hull form. Zebra Lines & Gaussian Curvature Plot In addition curvature lines can be used to examine individual curves. Creating Earth Race The Hull Generator module, links seamlessly with...

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