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QinetiQ GRC Data sheet – Paramarine • Radar Cross Section (RCS) Integrated Radar Cross Section analysis • Simple to calculate • Simple to interpret results Radar Cross Section (A016) GRC has seamlessly integrated an RCS calculator When a corner reflector has been picked-out from from CSS of Denmark into Paramarine. the HRR plot then the user can examine the source This integrated modelling and RCS analysis capability gives a baseline capability for assessing on the ship geometry by bringing up the individual RCS bitmap picture for a given viewing angle. the RCS of ships. CADRCS uses a Physical Optics approach including shadowed areas through a combination of graphical and numerical results enabling a ship to be rapidly analysed from the CAD definition to identify the RCS hotspots. Solutions to eradicate hotspots can be determined either using a simulated RAM coverage or reshaping the structure. The High Resolution Range (HRR) plot that allows the user to identify the corner reflectors shown on the high-resolution range profile as curved lines in red. High Resolution Range profile and polar plot with RCS bitmap picture for a single desired viewing angle The RCS calculator uses the Paramarine solid model to perform the calculations. Areas covered in RAM may easily be modelled as a sheet to cover a corner reflector. For equipments provided by other manufactures, Paramarine can import other CAD geometry such as STL, DXF, STEP, IGES or NATO High Resolution Range profile highlighting 2 angles format. Once a model has been modified, the analysis can be run and the results checked to see that a successful solution has been achieved. www.grc.qinetiq.com

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Data sheet – Paramarine QinetiQ GRC Solid model analysed by RCS Confidence in the RCS prediction by CADRCS has been gained through comparisons with ship measurements. This is backed up by the authors (Gert Lindqvist, CSS) fifteen years experience at the Danish Research Establishment (DDRE). The integration of CADRCS into Paramarine provides the user with a high quality prediction that works seamlessly with the vessels design definition. For further information, please contact: QinetiQ GRC Haslar Marine Technology Park Haslar Road Gosport Hampshire PO12 2AG United Kingdom Tel +44 (0) 2392 334003...

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