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Catalogue excerpts

QinetiQ GRC Data sheet – Paramarine Early Stage Design • UCL Building block design method • Novel early stage designs A013) Early Stage Design for Ships (A013) & Early Stage • Designer driven (A014) Design for Submarines (A014) Paramarine is an integrated design environment Alongside the refining of the functional definition, that is based on an object-orientated framework the designer can develop a 3D vessel layout and which allows the parametric connection of all allocate the functional definitions to physical aspects of both the product model and the analysis spaces in the ship. together. In addition to this, development and building block is a functional entity. It is emphasised that the investigation of a concept design is streamlined by the Early Stage Design (ESD) module. This innovative approach is based on UCL’s (University methodology, College London) collating design Building Block requirements, product model definition and analysis together to establish the form, function and layout of design. A support vessel design layout In the archetypal initial functional breakdown, below the design are the functional areas ‘float’, ‘move’, ‘fight’ and ‘infrastructure’. For vessels other than warships, one might substitute functional headings of mission or payload for ‘fight’. Other desired top-level functions such as adaptability, or maintainability can also be used. A frigate represented by its functional Building Blocks The design is broken down hierarchically in terms of functions (Building Blocks). The building block approach proceeds by refining the top-level functional headings into ever greater detail, maintaining a function-based approach throughout. www.grc.qinetiq.com

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Data sheet – Paramarine QinetiQ GRC Early Stage Design is available for surface ships as well as submarines. It can also be used with many of the other Paramarine modules such as powering, manoeuvring, structures, design for production etc to exploit the full width of the Paramarine integrated design environment. A Trimaran clearly showing the functional areas; Fight (Red), Move (Yellow), Float (Grey), Infra (Green) Each functional block is assigned characteristics in terms of weight, space, power, crew demands, etc and auditing of these characteristics is performed on a per-block basis, or by...

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