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QinetiQ GRC Data sheet – Paramarine Structures • Quick and easy to define • Quick and easy to define Structural Definition (A010) • Attributes for multiple analyses The structural definition in Paramarine allows the swift definition of scantlings for an entire ship or submarine. Given a subdivided hull, Paramarine generates the geometry of all the panels and bulkheads for the vessel. The panels can then be assigned a scantling definition consisting of plating and stiffener schemas. The result can be seen in the screen shot on the right. Panels before scantlings applied Structure in a bulk carrier hold Pannels after scanltings applied Of particular note is the adaptive stiffener schema, Once defined the structure may be assessed for which attempts to maintain structural continuity; example: this is achieved by varying the stiffener spacing, within user-defined limits, such that each stiffener • To generate the basis for a light ship weight distribution • To feed into a cost estimation • For blast and fragmentation performance assessment • Longitudinal Strength assessment • Ultimate strength assessment lines up with one on the next panel. www.grc.qinetiq.com

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QinetiQ GRC Data sheet – Paramarine Longitudinal Strength (A011) introducing effective width after local buckling. This license configuration allows the designer to Note: Smiths method means Progressive Collapse estimate longitudinal weight distribution at an Analysis with Calculated - curves, that involves the early stage of design, and then to refine it as the use of numerical methods to determine the stress- design develops. strain curves of individual plate and stiffened plate elements, which are then integrated following the Longitudinal distributions of shear force and assumptions of simple...

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