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QinetiQ GRC Data sheet – Paramarine Powering & Endurance Analysis Powering & Endurance Analysis (A009) • Comprehensive powering prediction methods • Complex endurance parameters can be defined • Database for experiment results and regressions The Powering Analysis capability of Paramarine Paramarine enables the derivation of all powering enables the designer to assess the effective power input data from geometry with a single object, thus of their vessel including air resistance, appendages, eliminating the need for approximations and fouling, propellers, roughness, shallow water, providing a single data store to which naked hull amongst others using a variety of regression data. resistance prediction methods can refer. Components of resistance may be mixed and The effective power and resistance methods matched as required. include: schematic visualisation of the appendages within • Andersen & Gukdhammer the 3D graphics pane, providing a swift reality check • BSRA method • Fung • Fung 2 • Hollenbach • Holtrop & Mennen • Mercier • NPL round bilge • Oortmerssen • Radojcic • Savitsky planing craft • Series 60 • Series 62A & Series 62B planing series • Series 64 • SSPA • Takashiro propeller series, or the Wageningen B series. The • Taylor Gertler designer is able to search by specifying the shaft on the assessment. Paramarine enables the No additional information needs to be entered. 3D view of brackets, arms and rudder appendages Given the effective power requirement, Paramarine enables the designer to find a suitable propeller from the AEW 20" series, SSPA Ma high speed speed or diameter, or neither. www.grc.qinetiq.com

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QinetiQ GRC Data sheet – Paramarine Endurance The Endurance functionality within the Powering module allows endurance of a vessel to be analysed by specifying the operational profile, for either surface or subsurface vessels. The propulsion and associated systems are modelled by defining alternators, battery banks, diesel engines, diesel generators, electric motors, fuel cells and gas turbines which can be in turn wired up to diesel tanks or LOX storage tanks objects modelled within the design. A mission element outlines activities within a Submarine Propeller defined For any of the search methods,...

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