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tGttwec is named after a vwy fast and agile seagutL it ww designed by L Bourdon for an expedition from North Cope toDovamenez, ,fary tow on the water, Uhayeryo^i6coyido^kknyo^wr%nSenm^toin9- dudng the effect of the wind and tt offers a stability mat is unusual for this twei boats. tGttwec is able to sail easily em in presence of rough sea and it regains its starting trim with the same fadi- Construction under Plasmor France licence. TEOiNtCAL SPBORCAJtONS Cbntfrxcfron tttotetfgf ftbefoioss Rubber bonds to fash* mops and spa* Pr$OfSpOSfhon icw Aortf bifot puma K-fnvw: it onfy with th# codpii and

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