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Jbi* kayak represents the exceSence of speedy perfonnajxes m every sea condition. Extremely fast, quick A unique desian for a kayak beyond any comparison! High performance, dlred Ming wHh the water and Ayanaq is amazing: aw being a tedwi fcrrf and performing hnyak, it offers an elevated food capacity, com- fort and at eott even In pretence of rough sea as waft. The design of the immersed port with on «tfrwn«Vrowi<^5^^ to '"'P'^^^ m water, the length of the faQwimautesexsshm bow and stem ei^^ Although ft has been designed with the front and rear decks very low on miter, in order to reduce the effect of the wind, itgvaiwfoosspeed anddsmctianaiity. Storting okAASity., WOiNtCM SPEOfKATKHS Cj^JiWu' tttoierfef fthergioss hW wo**rftffc fc«fcf»* waft «VW round fctvif %w ortJ on* oiei bodt ekppef. R^er bonds fofoster\rnopt ma tpont Pre&itpGeihon for fuel bifge putnp Ayonoq a ovodobl* wHh the dosskolcoobpfy WTA ** waftotrf HghAiXKe and wis* sport and PADDtHl CHAJtAOEfUSilCS:

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