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Apia is the ideal boat for expert loiyakers, but batter if they are of m iddle weight looking for a performing kayak, butcvmpkh at mvch o$ possible. fapa, ihanka to its high cruising spaed and had capacity. Is abb to face both qukk excursions and middta range expeditions, arid often pleasant sensations of handling, directhnaiity and safety oho in the presence The hotS has Us bow and stem onfya ttttie sfender, a nor d^ aktng ail its tangth k> a r9a\jc^ sistance to the wind, besides a great honoring facility, The mdrable skag, raeommended on mis holt, assume a good saftmg in binding conditions. A technical performing and complete boat for demanding hjyakers. STANCE EQUIPMENT Three w&riahthotctm #tih VEP afepp*^ MDMSf CHAJtACmSJKS: QAiAQ VkidaNcM 18 6OO10 Brvgjietto (AN) flAlY - Phone no. +39 071 662Q394- Fax no. +39 071 796011&

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