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Pall Allegro - 12 Pages

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Pall Allegro
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Catalog excerpts

Life Sciences Pall Allegro™ Systems Filtration. Separation. Solution.sM

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AllegroSystems The Single- Use Solution

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Pall Allegro Systems The Single-use Solution for Manufacturing of Biopharmaceuticals Single-use disposable technology is a proven alternative solution for the biopharmaceutical industry offering several significant advantages over standard reusable stainless steel ► Cross contamination risk ► Cleaning and associated cleaning validation ► The number of connections to enhance sterility Furthermore, in applications where hazardous materials are being processed, such as cytotoxic drugs or potent biological materials, closed disposable systems offer additional protection to operators who are isolated...

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Into Simple Solutions PALL) Life Sciences

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Benefits of Pall Allegro Systems A Cost Effective Manufacturing Technology While the cost of consumables may be higher, the use of Pall Allegro systems can reduce your overall manufacturing costs by enabling: u Drastic reduction in chemicals and WFI consumption Lower energy costs through use of Gamma sterilized components Decreased labor with no cleaning and cleaning validations, faster installations and limited QC testing Smaller space requirements for manufacturing Flexibility Pall Allegro systems provide a high degree of flexibility for your process design. They allow you to easily evaluate...

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Why Choose Pall Allegro Systems Suited for all Biopharmaceutical Processes Pall Allegro systems can be used to manufacture of all types of drugs: monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, gene therapy, recombinant proteins, blood derivatives and anti-cancer drugs. They are particularly well suited for Contract Manufacturing Organisations, where a number of different products will be produced and the key issues are flexibility and avoiding cross contamination. Single-use technology can be applied from Upstream through Downstream and Formulation and Filling.

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► Media preparation including mixing, clarification and sterilizing filtration, transfer into bags for ► Clarification either with direct flow or tangential flow filtration equipment ► Capture with single-use membrane ► Contaminant removal with either direct flow capsule filters (virus) or membrane ► Buffer preparation including mixing, clarification or sterilizing filtration, and transfer into bags for ► Sterilizing filtration of bulk and transfer and storage into bags ► Transfer sets including connectors and vent filters ► Preparation of the excipients including prefiltration, sterilizing filtration,...

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Why Choose Pall Allegro Systems A unique product portfolio to meet all applications Pall recognizes that single-use systems are becoming the technology of choice for a large number of applications in Biopharmaceuticals processing. We are focusing our resources on the production of innovative disposable technologies to serve the market needs. As a result Pall has the most comprehensive single-use product line to serve all applications from upstream through downstream as well as filling and formulation. u Kleenpak™ connectors that allow the sterile connection of two sterile entities in all types...

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Excellence in technical and validation support One of the key elements in Pall’s customer support operations is the Scientific and Laboratory Services (SLS) group. Pall places its extensive technical resources at the disposal of its customers in the form of world-wide technical advice and training, which will help you to efficiently size, design, and operate your disposable systems. Pall will assist you to meet regulatory compliance through our Validation Services Groups. This can include FAT/ SAT of the system, shipping studies, extractable studies, and sterilizing filter validation studies....

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Comprehensive Documentation Package Using our extensive experience of supplying systems to the industry, a full documentation package is available with each system in order to help the end user to build appropriate documentary files to ensure regulatory compliance ► Dose mapping report PALL) Life Sciences

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Typical Timeframe: 8–12 weeks Order Process for your Pall Allegro System

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AllegroSystems The Single- Use Solution Visit us on the web at www.pall.com/allegro International Offices Pall Corporation has offices and plants throughout the world in locations such as: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Puerto Rico, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Kingdom, the United States and Venezuela. Distributors are located in all major industrial areas of the world....

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