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Accelerate Protein Sample Products for Proteomics, Biopharmaceutical Research, Diagnostics, and Protein Chemistry Filtration. Separation. Solution.sM

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Inspiring Confidence in Critical Proteomic Steps Reliable sample preparation and fractionation processes are key to the success of proteomic research. Effective steps can facilitate the discovery of life-saving and life-enhancing diagnostic and pharmaceutical products. Ineffective steps can lead to loss of valuable samples and time. Pall Life Sciences manufactures membranes and chromatography resins that exhibit high resolution and binding capacities with low non-specific binding for the purification and concentration of proteins. We incorporate these media into devices that use fast,...

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“When we need support, Pall has the resources that link service to science.” Global reach Pall Corporation is the largest filtration, separation and purification company in the world. Our diversity and global reach provide us with unique application insights and product development opportunities that we use to benefit our customers. Pall scientific laboratories worldwide work to Whether you are processing a single sample or detecting thousands of samples, Pall offers a variety of device configurations to support your techniques. And when scale-up is a factor, Pall offers product platforms...

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Addressing the Challenges of Protein Sample Preparation Application guide CHROMATOGRAPHY PRODUCTS (Pages 8 - 13) Ultrogel® AcA, Trisacryl® GF Size Exclusion Chromatography Resins Sample complexity reduction is an important first step to facilitate access to Ceramic HyperD® Ion Exchange Chromatography Resins the low abundant proteins of interest for disease research and diagnostics. Trisacryl, HyperD, HyperCel™ Affinity Chromatography Resins The process for human serum and plasma frequently includes depletion of SDR HyperD Solvent-Detergent Removal Resins highly abundant proteins such as...

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t In combination with appropriate chromatography resin.

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Finding the Perfect Fit For Your Application Pall has thousands of media chemistries from which to select, and we are constantly modifying and developing new chemistries to meet your specific application challenges. Combined with superior housing materials in a multitude of configurations and industry-leading research, development, and manufacturing resources, Pall is uniquely positioned to deliver products exactly to your specifications. Versatile separation technologies Pall gives you more filtration and separation material options than any other organization in the world. This means you...

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Protein purification and analysis media Ca p Co ture, nc Re e Hig ntra leas te e, h Ac Nu id cle Bin ic Hig di h P ng rot ein Lo Bin w din Pro g tei nB Bin ind ds ing Le Vir uk o a Ca l Par cytes ptu tic re/ le Re Hy dro leas e ph ob Hy i dro c ph ilic Co m Ha pati rsh ble C w Ch hem ith rom ica ls ato gra Fil ph tra y tio n Pre filt rat ion Separation Technologies Membrane Name Bio-Inert® Membrane Modified Nylon Pallflex® Media Glass Fiber PTFE Membrane Supor® Membrane RepelTM Treated Versapor® Membrane Acrylic Copolymer Proprietary on a Nonwoven Support Acrylic Copolymer Repel Treated on...

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Chromatography Products Expand Separation Options Pall offers chromatography products to facilitate research portfolio and expands our offering to include resins. The needs, scale-up, and polishing. Our chromatography BioSepra line of chromatography resins greatly simplifies solutions are available in resin or membrane formats to protein purification and fractionation. These broad lines of support your specific application. Choose from our extensive chromatography products exhibit superior performance portfolio of media including flat sheet membrane, bulk resin, and are useful for affinity,...

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BioSepra Ion Exchange Resins Exhibit Extremely High Dynamic Binding Capacity Media Q Ceramic HyperD® 20 DEAE Ceramic HyperD F S Ceramic HyperD F S Ceramic HyperD 20 CM Ceramic HyperD F Flow Rate (mL/min) 1 5 106.0 mg/mL 91.5 mg/mL 101.5 mg/mL 87.5 mg/mL 80.5 mg/mL 61.5 mg/mL 98.0 mg/mL 89.5 mg/mL 108.0 mg/mL 87.5 mg/mL Applications Detergent removal (SDR HyperD Resin) Protein fractionation (Q, S, DEAE, CM Ceramic HyperD Resins) The HyperD line of ion exchange resins shows high dynamic binding capacity (50-110 mg BSA/mL of resin for resins tested here). Dynamic binding capacity is measured...

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Membrane devices for ion exchange chromatography speed processing Membranes are recommended in chromatography applications when there is a need to purify large molecules or in situations where faster flow is required. Membrane chromatography is extremely economical because flow rates are significantly faster than traditional resin chromatography, decreasing processing time and increasing throughput. Pall’s Mustang® membranes possess large convective pores and Special features Scaleable For laboratory-scale applications, Mustang membranes are available in Acrodisc® units for single samples...

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Acrodisc Unit with Mustang Q Membrane: Resolution with BSA and Goat lgG 25 Absorbance Conductivity 15 Unbound Protein from Goat IgG Conductivity (ms/cm) The conditions used to generate data for the resolution graph above include buffer: 25mM Tris pH 8.0; salt: 1M NaCl in 25mM Tris pH 8.0; gradient: 0 to 0.5M NaCl in 50 column volume (CV); flow rate: 2.3 mL/min (13 cv/min); sample loading: 4% of total binding capacity. Applications Contaminant removal such as DNA viral particles, host cell proteins, or endotoxin Acrodisc Unit with Mustang Q Membrane: Dynamic Binding with BSA Isolation via...

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Chromatography products selection guide Chromatography Type Particle Size (Average) Primary Applications Size Exclusion (Gel Filtration) Separation by Molecule Size Bulk Resin Ultrogel® AcA Ultrogel AcA are polymeric resins for size exclusion composed of polyacrylamide and agarose, characterized by narrow particle size distribution. Fractionation, purification of biomolecules by size, molecular weight determination Trisacryl GF are highly hydrophilic copolymer resins designed for medium pressure gel filtration. Lowest exclusion limit for desalting and other small molecule removal Trisacryl...

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