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Strong Arguments Marine and Wind Cranes - 44 Pages

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Strong Arguments Marine and Wind Cranes

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PALFINGER MARINE LIFETIME EXCELLENCE HIGHEST QUALITY AND EFFICIENCY ≥ PALFINGER MARINE is deeply committed to the highest quality and safety standards. All products are characterised by high value retention and low maintenance. This ensures safe and economical use. PALFINGER MARINE is a dependable and professional partner in every situation – from telephone assistance to on-time delivery and instant on-site support. PALFINGER MARINE never lets a customer down. PALFINGER MARINE is the global leading manufacturer of highly reliable, innovative and customised marine, offshore and wind cranes...

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PALFINGER MARINE Product Range > Marine Cranes 4 4 > Wind Cranes 8 Flexibility 14 Technology 16 Production Technology 17 Risk, Safety and Machinery Directive 18 Product Features and Functional Design 19 Classification Societies 20 Sales and Project Engineering 22 Quality Management 23 Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) 24 Environmental Protection 25 Sustainability 26 Overload Warning (OWOA) 27 Safety 28 PLC – Programmable Logic Controller 30 Boom Override 31 Winch Overload Protection System 32 ATEX Certification 33 Offshore Control System (OCS) 34 Terminal 36 Control Stand FLVK 37 Control...

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Stainless Steel Parts Power Link – Double Linkage System Hose Equipment Spiral Pipe Hose Equipment Development Finite Element Technology Non-Linear Calculation Indus Expansion Measurements, Endurance Tests, Hydropulser Test Benches Climate Exposure Test Cabinet Assembly and Testing Warranty Training and PALFINGER University Technical Support and Service Agreements Inspection and Maintenance Original Spare Parts Extranet – Palipedia Abbreviations

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PALFINGER MARINE PRODUCT RANGE MARINE CRANES 1. FOLDABLE KNUCKLE BOOM CRANES (PC/PK) As a result of their sophisticated crane geometry, work is effortless for PALFINGER MARINE knuckle boom cranes. They make full use of their strength and flexibility when loading and unloading of equipment, material, tools, including container handling. Due to their compact construction, they can easily be accommodated on every type of vessel also where space is at a premium. Adding various attachments like fixed workman baskets for personal handling, hydraulic supply for oil skimming and others make the PC...

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3. STIFF BOOM CRANES (PSM) 5. KNUCKLE BOOM CRANES (PKM) Stiff boom cranes by PALFINGER MARINE are impressive, due to their exceptional weight/power ratio and their ease to maintain. Their slender design and ability to attach additional winches make them attractive to operators. Demountable crane booms simplify transport. Maximum precision and quality. The PKM range fits the marine and offshore industry’s specifications precisely. Severe weather and heavy seas introduce oscillating motions to suspend loads. The PALFINGER MARINE knuckle boom design enables the operator to vary the lenght of...

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PALFINGER MARINE PRODUCT RANGE WIND CRANES PALFINGER WIND is the expert for cranes especially designed for the offshore wind industry. The company produces lifting devices for nacelles, platforms and substation /accomodation platforms. PALFINGER WIND guarantees its customers a strong and reliable partnership with excellent lifetime operation during the entire product life cycle. Professional consultancy, support with the installation and commissioning plus training for operation and maintenance are further benefits of this package. Customers can rely on years of experience in the field of...

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1.2. STIFF BOOM CRANES (PS/PSM) PALFINGER WIND platform cranes are experts for flexible material handling to the platform. Platform cranes are customised to unload supply vessels rapidly and safely at main or auxiliary boat landing. A special surface coating and processing of high-quality materials protects PALFINGER WIND platform cranes against corrosion. Platform cranes are customised to accommodate any sea state. Stiff boom cranes are usually combined with foldable knuckle boom cranes in the nacelle. The advantage of this crane type is the simple handling with variable outreach and...

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3.1. FOLDABLE KNUCKLE BOOM CRANES (PK) PALFINGER WIND platform cranes from our PF, PSM and PKM range are the perfect supplement for handling material on substation and accommodation platforms. Foldable knuckle boom cranes are the right partner for transporting heavy loads such as generator parts, drives or electric motors into the nacelle. Compact storage and exceptional flexibility simplify wind farm operations considerably. Safe and fast unloading of supply vessels Flexible material handling on the platform ≥ Customised to accommodate any sea state ≥ Rescue lowering point ≥ Optional...

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INDIVIDUAL EQUIPMENT POSSIBILITIES ≥ Various possibilities of operation Various safety features compliant to international standards and applicable to rules and regulations of the flag state ≥ Building up of different winch systems and combinations ≥ Numerous possibilities of extension booms (up to 36 m) ≥ Remote control Standing platform ≥ Operator cabin ≥ Decentralised control stand ≥ PALFINGER MARINE offers a comprehensive product range of marine and wind cranes. Customers receive the right crane system for every maritime and offshore application: from the classic PK foldable knuckle...

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PALFINGER MARINE is the specialist in the area of maritime lifting equipment. A full 80 years of experience in the production of various crane types reinforce the knowledge and the professional competence in crane technology. The requirements of the markets have led to a continuous development of the marine and wind cranes, which enables PALFINGER MARINE to supply innovative and customised solutions within the flexible and wide product range. For more than 20 years, PALFINGER MARINE has been developing cranes that meet the special requirements of the high seas. PALFINGER MARINE offers...

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RISK, SAFETY AND MACHINERY DIRECTIVE PRODUCT FEATURES Safety is a main focus of PALFINGER MARINE. Therefore all cranes are designed and built according to established rules and newest standards with a high level of safety. For the minimisation of risks we utilise techniques like risk assessment, failure mode and effect analysis, fault tree analysis and Ishikawa diagrams to create safe machines and to reduce any risk for the operator, the environment and your financial investment. PRODUCT FEATURES AND FUNCTIONAL DESIGN A good design must primarily fulfil its purpose, i.e. it should fulfil...

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