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FFH Series
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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION – FFH Series PALFINGER NED-DECK Optional: Paint System Launch ramp END USER ADVANTAGES: 1. Stainless steel for all shafts, piping and bolts and nuts up to M12 2. Easy access for periodic maintenance, service and repair, support by with clear labelling and detailed manuals FREE FALL LIFE BOAT DAVIT Doc. Nr. PALFINGER NED-DECK reserves the right to change the specification without prior notice.

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION – FFH Series PALFINGER NED-DECK TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION 1. GENERAL INTRODUCTION The PALFINGER NED-DECK free-fall lifeboat davits of the FFH series have been designed for long time operation under adverse and extreme circumstances in a highly corrosive marine environment. The FFH davit is a deck to wall mounted davit, placed at the stern of the ship, and consists of a launch ramp, davit arm (A-frame), winch and hydraulic unit. The system is suitable for safe and efficient launching of a fully manned free-fall lifeboat against unfavourable conditions of trim of up to 10 degrees...

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION – FFH Series PALFINGER NED-DECK 6. HYDRAULIC CYLINDERS Each davit system will be supplied with two (2) double acting hydraulic cylinders provided with dual overcentre valves. The cylinder rods have been made of stainless steel. The rod ends of each cylinder incorporate the spherical plain bearings. 7. ACCESSORIES Each davit system will be supplied with the following accessories: SUSPENSION PARTS  Two-sheave traverse block;  Galvanised steel wire rope of sufficient length for lowering the boat into the water;  Suspension chains and shackles;  Swivel hooks;  Wedge socket....

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