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Catalog excerpts


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MARINE | OFFSHORE | WIND Marine, offshore and wind cranes by PALFINGER MARINE are designed to meet safety standards and extreme environmental conditions of the maritime industry. The extensive range of AHC cranes, foldable knuckle boom cranes, knuckle boom cranes, stiff boom and telescopic boom cranes as well as wire luffing lattice boom and travelling cranes can be used for various applications within the shipbuilding, oil and gas and offshore wind industry. Decades of worldwide experience in producing cranes is the basis for the company’s technical expertise, innovative strength and uncompromising...

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GLOBAL COVERAGE PALFINGER MARINE WORLDWIDE WORLD WIDE NETWORK – WE ARE HERE TO HELP Our setup includes an extensive network of service stations throughout the world. 33 OFFICES 12 PRODUCTION SITES PALFINGER MARINE has 33 fully owned sales and service hubs in 19 countries in Europe, Asia, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa. With the world’s largest own service network, PALFINGER MARINE is able to follow up your vessels more efficiently than any other service provider in the industry. In addition to our own 33 offices PALFINGER MARINE has also certified over a dozen service stations – extending...

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FOLDABLE KNUCKLE BOOM CRANES | Range from 30 up to 2840 kNm As a result of their sophisticated crane geometry work is effortless with foldable knuckle boom cranes. They make full use of their strengths and flexibility when loading and unloading equipment. Due to their compact construction they can easily be accommodated on every type of vessel especially where space is limited. Adding various features and options make the foldable knuckle boom cranes a multi-functional tool. PALFINGER MARINE foldable knuckle boom cranes can be designed according to offshore rules and regulations. Crane Type Lifting...

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CRANES STIFF BOOM CRANES | Range from 150 up to 30000 kNm The PALFINGER MARINE stiff boom cranes are based on a pedestal slewing design with hydraulic cylinder luffing. The cranes are available in the range from 141–30000 kNm lifting moment and are supplied according to customer requirements. The stiff boom cranes can be delivered within a broad range of certifications and numerous optional features. Stiff boom cranes are typically used in dock, on fixed installations and in harbour conditions. Crane Type Lifting Capacity Lifting Moment Total Moment Pedestal Diameter Dead Weight WIND CRANES Deck...

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TELESCOPIC BOOM CRANES | Range from 140 up to 12000 kNm The PALFINGER MARINE telescopic boom cranes are based on a pedestal slewing design with hydraulic cylinder luffing. The boom extension is a telescopic inner section that allows a more flexible and wider operational radius in use and leaves the crane stored in a compact position. The advantages of the telescopic cranes are low weight and less complex design making them maintenance-friendly. The cranes are available in the range from 140-12000 kNm lifting moment and are supplied according to customer requirements and with numerous optional...

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PALFINGER MARINE knuckle boom cranes are designed to lift high loads with extended jib and provide the operator with great flexibility during lifting operations. The knuckle boom crane range is available from 130-30000 kNm lifting moment. Severe weather conditions and heavy seas introduce oscillating motions to suspend loads. The improved level of control makes the crane ideal for offshore lifting operations in higher sea states. Crane Type    Outreach    Lifting Capacity    Lifting Moment    Total Moment    Pedestal Diameter    Dead Weight *Available only for deck cranes Deck cranes (shipboard)...

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CRANES ACTIVE HEAVE COMPENSATED (AHC) CRANES | Range from 130 up to 30000 kNm PALFINGER MARINE delivers AHC offshore cranes ranging from smaller models for SOV’s to larger models for subsea lifts, in addition to special systems for module handling deployments. All cranes are tailor-made to meet customer requirements and can be delivered in various configurations. The AHC system is developed for the harsh offshore environment. Rugged design made by experienced engineers, ensures trouble free operation under the most extreme conditions. Fully equipped operators cabin Tugger winches Remote diagnostic Aux...

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PALFINGER MARINE has developed a new modular, 3D-compensation unit, for use on wind farm service operation vessels (SOVs) for increased vessel operability. Hence enabling smaller and more cost-effective vessels to be used in harsher weather conditions. TYPICAL OPERATIONS –– Offshore wind turbine supply and maintenance operations. –– Work towards all kind of fixed installations where elimination of ship motion is required to ensure safer and improved lifting operation. CRANE COMPENSATION: HEAVE –– Movements in vertical direction CRANE COMPENSATION: ROLL –– Rotation around longitudinal axis CRANE...

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WIRE LUFFING LATTICE BOOM CRANES | Range from 4000 up to 30000 kNm The PALFINGER MARINE wire luffing lattice boom cranes are based on a slewing pedestal design. The cranes are state-of-the-art and supplied according to the latest offshore rules and regulations in the range of 4000-30000 kNm lifting moment. Wire luffing lattice boom cranes are supplied with built in electro hydraulic or diesel hydraulic power packs. In addition PALFINGER MARINE has developed a new and innovative fully electric wire luffing crane design. Wire luffing lattice boom cranes are typically used on fixed installations...

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TRAVELLING CRANES Range from 1 up to 600 t TKG 150 T Gantry crane PALFINGER MARINE travelling cranes are available in numerous configurations and for a range of applications from very simple engine room cranes to highly advanced BOP and XMAS tree handling cranes. The travelling feature indicates the mobility of the crane in the way it travels within a given area of operation. Structures of overhead, underslung, gantry and semi-gantry cranes are available for various handling requirements up to SWL 600 t. Travelling cranes are delivered electric or hydraulic driven and with numerous different features...

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