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WORLD'S BEST CRUISING GROUNDS Story & photos by Bill Kund Marsh Harbour," said Tom Lacque- ment, shaking his head in disgust, "you need some serious work on your anchoring skills". I had dinghied to Polar Pacer, wife Chris were cruising, when our couple in a 35-foot Beneteau drop- ping anchor and instantly backing down hard—time after time—suc- ceeding only in dragging the anchor repeatedly over the soft bottom. I had to agree with Tom. Superb holding in winds from every direc- reasons cruisers converge on Marsh Harbour every time Patty Toler of Barom- eter Bob predicts another cold front making its good the holding is when a particularly strong front came howling through the BLUE WATER SAILING • December 2OIO

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WORLD'S BEST CRUISING GROUNDS Opposite: Worthless Wench on a picture-perfect day in the Abacos, top; model-for-the-day Chelsea Renn takes a turn at the helm, bottom. This page. Marsh Harbour Marina and The Jib Room are popular gathering places for cruisers displaces 24,000 pounds—to heel my bunk and into the cockpit shortly after midnight. When the two-hour blow subsided, the eerie radio silence was broken by a voice announcing wind gusts registering 53 knots on the anemometer. There were no pan- icked calls about anchors dragging or the need for help of any kind. At dawn, the sun cresting the...

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WORLD'S BEST CRUISING GROUNDS Moorings and Sunsail, but kept running aground. Finally, the lights came on and the brains re-engaged. "Let's drop the hook and wait for the Ultimately, no matter how blue we meet who make cruising special. From the front desk staff at The toms and immigration officials into checking us in on Sunday, to fellow cruisers and local business people, virtually everyone we encountered Three days after our arrival, my two crewmates and I sailed to Guana Cay. It was Chris and Jeff's first time in the Bahamas and I wanted them of Abaco and the tranquil anchorage at Fisher's...

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WORLD'S BEST CRUISING GROUNDS striped lighthouse was not popular with local residents when it was built in 1863. Stories are told that construction workers were denied water and one of their barges was sunk because it was feared the light- house would destroy the "wrecking industry." Wreckers would salvage ships coming to grief on Elbow Reef and sell the goods at auction in places such as Nassau. Their fears were not in vain, and by the turn of the century wrecking was no longer a source of income for the island. Late the following afternoon, Curt and I climbed the 101 steps view of one of the...

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