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Catalogue excerpts

Winter Passage Squeezing through a hole in BLUE WATER SAILING November2010

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of my bunk as the boat pitches and bucks. Listening to 50 knots of wind howling above me, I smile, thinking that just four hours ago, with the water as smooth as glass and not a breath of wind to be felt, I told my two crewmates: "I guess the weather experts really missed it this time." Now I'm lying here thankful we're still tied to the dock at Carolina Wind again, but as we head to the showers and make final preparations for see evidence of how ferocious last night's storm was. Just four slips from ours, a Catalina 34 broke off been tied. Luckily, damage to the boat was relatively light. The...

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CLASSIC PASSAGES This page: Chris Tulip (left) and Jeff Smith, casting lines as they wait for wind. Opposite, Worthless Wench at anchor in Marsh Harbor confused seas and a biting cold wind that was strong enough to power us through the slop from the back of the passing storm. We had one reef in the main and were sailing under Both Jeff and I were feeling the effects of the rough seas, but Chris past the Cape Lookout Shoals on a broad reach into the night and into the Gulf Stream, barely restraining himself from shouting "Yeehaw!" each time he coaxed Worthless Wench onto the proper heading after a...

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looked like they might deteriorate during the night, we would consider traversing the channel using the chartplotter if the weather and seas were benign enough to do so safely. I had been through the channel two years ago and knew the chartplotter gave an accurate reading in this area. Friday this decision was taken from me. The predicted wind didn't materi- alize. The seas were like glass. We were facing more time under power and I was concerned that we were consum- ing too much fuel. Checking the fuel levels confirmed this. Time for a crew meeting. We decided to slow down to conserve fuel until...

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