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Explorer brochure - 2 Pages

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Explorer brochure
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Catalog excerpts

CUSION COMFORT & VERSATILITY The Explorer 12 Hovercraft is a 12 seat fully amphibious hovercraft powered by a single diesel engine. The engine Is connected via drive belts and pulleys to lift and thrust fens. The thrust fan has fully variable/reversible pitch. The hull is manufactured according to standard marine composite techniques using high quality glass and resins. Integral buoyancy compartments provide excellent reserve floatation. The control position is mounted forward to give the pilot superb visi- bility. A steering wheel operates slipstream mounted rudders to con- trol heading. A variable pitch propeller and Internal ballast move- ment further enhance controllability of the craft. The instrument panel contains full instrumentation to indicate engine and craft per- formance parameters.

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Diesel engine - 275hp at 2500rpm. Turbocharged and inter-cooled. Stainless Steel exhausts. Closed circuit liquid cooling with electric fans. Coalescer panel to remove airborne salt spray to protect engine bay components. Engine compartment fire sensor. Fuel type diesel. 240 litre fuel tank mounted amidships provides fuel Centrifugal clutch engagement. Drive shaft transmission for clean fan intakes. Gates Poly chain GT2 Kevlar Arami d toothed drive belts. All rotating parts rubber mounted to minimize hull vibration. Single 1600mm diameter ducted propeller. Fully variable and reverse thrust. Sealed...

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