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DISCOVERY 7 Hovercraft - 4 Pages

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DISCOVERY 7 Hovercraft
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Catalog excerpts

DISCOVERY 7 Hovercraft Pacific Hovercraft New Zealand Limited The Discovery is a rugged, high performance 7 seat hovercraft powered by the reliable Hyundai engine 2.5L gasoline engine. A large diameter ducted propeller and large centrifugal lift an contributes to efficiency and quietness. The GRP hull is manufactured according to standard marine composite techniques using high quality glass, foams and resins. Buoyancy is provided by compartments within the hull and the 400mm diameter permanently inflated peripheral tube. The cabin features a large wrap-around windscreen giving superb visibility to the centrally positioned driver and removable gull-wing doors allow the option of an open or closed cabin. Two rows of bench seats or a large clear cargo area are located behind the driver. The skirt is of the full flow bag/finger design. Attached to the inflated tube it gives excellent stability and high ground clearance. Fingers are manufactured from Neoprene Rubber to give the best abrasion resistance. The steering wheel operates slipstream mounted rudders to control heading, while the elevator, variable pitch propeller, and internal ballast movement enhance controllability of the craft. The instrument panel contains full instrumentation indicating engine and craft performance parameters. Cabin air conditioning and heating are provided as standard for passenger comfort.

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Hull Dimensions Hull Dimensions (Inflated/hovering) Weight (empty) Payload: Speed: Hover-height Wave capability: Turning capability: Standard hull color 5.9m long x 2.3m wide x 2.0m high 6.5m long x 2.9m wide x 2.4m high 950 kg 600 kg (7 persons and gear) Cruise speed 30-60 kph Max speed 70kph 400mm 600mm short chop 1m wave Unlimited White FEATURES: Engine 1 2 3 4 5 Fuel 1 2 Hyundai gasoline. Maximum power 200hp at 6000rpm. Stainless Steel exhausts. Closed circuit liquid cooling with electric fan. Coalescer panel to remove airborne salt spray to protect engine bay components....

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non-corroding composite construction. revs higher efficiency and quieter. Will not stall like integrated systems at low Skirt 1 Superior Tube/Segment skirt system - permanently inflated outer tube gives 2000 kg positive buoyancy, gives excellent stability at speed and acts as a protective fender. Provides substantial energy absorption in the event of collision and makes loading and unloading of persons over the side easier. 2 High quality neoprene/nylon rubber material for skirt fingers. 3 Four internal airtight urethane bladders with valves for rapid inflation and deflation 4 Craft supplied with...

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