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PAADISILDADE LLC MAIN PRODUCTLINES ARE: • Swim docks – various solutions for getting into the water and swimming; • Boat docks – solutions for boat storage and parking; • Floating platforms – recreational platforms and work platforms; • Boathouses – traditional and untraditional water buildings in small and mid-size, like saunas, camping houses etc. Paadisildade LLC owns and acts under trademark FloatMe Marinas. We are • Floats, swimming ladders and other auxiliary fittings – all the details necessary for floats and boat docks to maximize their functions. creating connections between land and water – production and sales of floating bridges, platforms and docks, mainly with all-inclusive solutions, from production to installation. WE ARE ALSO ABLE TO SUPPLY DIFFERENT EXTRAS: • ladders and jumping steps; • buoys; • simple Y-boms; • walkable Y-boms • power and water pedestals; • fenders; • mooring rings, clamps; • safety equipment posts; • screwpiles; • mooring solutions. Ask for a price offer! Paadisildade LLC Jussi, Vihavu, Puhja vald, 61317 Tartumaa, Estonia Tel: (+372) 5 153

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SHALLOW PRODUCTLINE MASTER PRODUCTLINE VILLA PRODUCTLINE SHALLOW productline – floating solutions with small plastic floats which are suitable for calm waterways with small waves (up to 0,3m). These products can be installed also to shallow bays with very little water depth. The transport and installation of modules is quite easy and not time consuming. Shallow productline modules are good for swimming and parking smaller boats like rowing boats and canoes. Master productline – marina solutions with bigger plastic floats suitable for most harbour-like places with small waves (up to 0,5m). They can...

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