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gauge driver 3135

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• Drives VDO Resistive Analogue Tank Level Gauges directly from • Supports Fuel, Fresh Water, Grey Water and Black Water Gauges • Tank Instance Selectable • Drives alarm indicator bulb in gauge • Easy to Install with single plug to NMEA2000® network and single cable • Rugged IP67 waterproof Construction The NMEA2000® Resistive Gauge Driver drives existing resistive analogue tank level gauges directly from the The unit is switch selectable to support Fuel, Fresh Water, Grey Water or Black Water gauges. A second switch allows the user to choose which of up to 16 tanks of each type are to be displayed. No complicated software menu setups on a central display and no cali- bration required! This unit can drive VDO European Standard 0-180 Ohm and VDO US Standard 230-30 Ohm gauges in both 12 The Resistive Gauge Driver can also light the level alarm indicator bulb in the gauge when the fuel or fresh water level falls below 20% or the waste or black watertanks exceeds 80% of the tank level. It is easy to install with a single plug to the NMEA2000® network and a single cable to the gauge. It is rugged and environmentally protected to IP67. It works with the NMEA2000® network standard and draws less than 50mA from the network.

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NMEA2000® VDO Resistive Gauge Driver Typical Usage Diagram Deck Filler Gauge ' Fjel Tank Wiring to Resistive Gauge The inclusion of any vessels in any picture does not infer that their manufacturer endorses this product. Our policy is one of continuous product improvement so product specifications are subject to change without notice. Our products are designed to be accurate and reliable, however, they should only be used as aids to the safe management of the boat and not as a replacement for traditional aids and techniques. Copyright © 2009 Offshore Systems (UK) Ltd. All rights reserved....

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