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Safe Triage System - A fully automated touch screen medical device - 2 Pages

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A fully automated touch screen medical device with built in knowledge base, secure real time vital sign delivery and live connection to a 24/7 emergency medical centre Ocean Medical Safe Triage' Yachts or aircraft are equipped with a light, portable ruggedised tablet PC with Safe Triage System software, plus all wireless enabled equipment for capturing vital signs. The receiving medical centres have an easy access web based portal to receive patient data. The system has the ability to capture and transmit all vital signs via wireless peripherals to aid intelligent diagnosis including (but not limited to): 12 Channel ECG, Blood Oxygen Saturation, Respiration Rate, Blood Pressure, Peak Flow and Blood Glucose Levels. Ease of use is critical and the system has been specifically designed for non-medically trained personnel. The device will guide the responder through a simple step-by-step process that will support diagnosis, and provide treatment instructions and advice, including easy and quick instructions on how to apply the key monitoring peripherals provided as part of the solution. Should a medical incident arise a crew member would power on the Safe Triage unit and simply follow the on- screen instructions. The system can be pre-configured with crew and passenger details, along with any pre-existing patient conditions which might be important to be aware of, so as to speed up medical interventions. The touch screen interface, with handwriting recognition including short cuts, enables medical incidents and vital signs to be captured and transmitted 'real-time' via satellite in a secure, encrypted format to a 24/7 medical VITAL SIGNS Patient Case Report 00069 [Idle] The designated emergency department or trauma centre receives full patient details, including the vital signs and digital images. Specialist clinicians can then advise on interventions whilst receiving real time information on the patient's status, location and destination. The system provides a wide range of data for clinical decision support at the scene, including a comprehensive medical reference database. A comprehensive drugs database provides guidance on the type of drug, method of administration, dosage, units, interactions, contra-

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Safe Triage System provides safe and effective support for any medical emergency while at Any place, any time access to expert medical support • Enables 24/7 access to expert emergency medical advice that means you get the best remote medical jraHBk • A built in medical database provides access (*When connected to an emergency service solution) trained people • Intuitive menu structure combined with easy access to medical and diagnostic • Fast input via handwriting recognition and touch screen user interface. Fast connectivity between device • Pre-paired wireless peripheral devices for automatic...

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