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OMI Nautical Medical Supplies 2011 - 6 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Ocean Medical International intelligent solutions to medical problems at sea Medical Kits & Equipment 24/7 Medical & Telemedicine support Reference and Inventory software Short/long term Medical crew provision Multi-lingual Instructions On-board STCW95 Training Worldwide Re-supply Medical Diagnosis Apps Medical room design With more than 700 clients world-wide, serving the Yachting industry since 1993 Amels M/Y Bel Abri M/Y Deniki Many others Feadship M/Y Go M/Y Predator M/Y Sirius M/Y Trident Perini Navi S/Y Antares S/Y Aurora S/Y Is a Rose S/Y Klosters S/Y Panthalassa Many others Heesen M/Y Blind Date M/Y Aquila M/Y Elandess M/Y Lady Georgina M/Y Limitless M/Y Ocean One M/Y Passion M/Y Rasselas M/Y Stargate M/Y Talisman C M/Y Tigre D’Or M/Y Vava Many others Sunreef S/Y Ipharra EU Sales: kim@omi2.com S/Y Che Vitters S/Y Cinderella IV S/Y Erica XII S/Y Thalia S/Y Timoneer S/Y Aphrodite A S/Y Anna Christina S/Y Cyrano de Bergerac S/Y Infatuation S/Y La Cattiva S/Y Nariida S/Y Phocea S/Y Shenandoah S/Y Tenaz Many others Mob +34 629 818 826 US Sales: becky@omi2.com +1 954 767 1046 w w w. o m i 2 . c o m Providing complete medical security at sea Phone/Fax +34 871 804 066 Fax +1 954 767 1047

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OMI ADVANCED EMERGENCY MEDICAL GRAB BAG SYSTEM • Designed and tested by medical professionals and yachtsmen with more than 20 years experience with yachting and remote medicine. • Designed not just for medical safety at sea but for any situation where a complete, highly portable and easy to use system is required. • Tested over harsh terrain, in poor weather and water immersion; this emergency bag stands up to the toughest conditions. • Contains ALL emergency equipment and drugs in a single bag. • Able to incorporate Oxygen, Defibrillator (included in ‘CHARTER VERSIONS’), Emergency drugs and equipment,...

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CHOOSING THE IDEAL OMI MEDICAL KIT FOR YOUR NEEDS OMI MCA Class A for 10 OMI MCA Class B for 10 OMI Weekender MCA Class C (6 hr) for 10 Daytripper & Cruiser Kit OMI Grab Bag Compact Version Half the size of the Advanced Grab Bag 31x30x47 cm. Wt 9kg. OMI CHARTER KITS • This is a version of all the OMI supplies listed below which adds essential items to the main OMI Medical kit. • The CHARTER VERSION adds: a Defibrillator, Speciality Access and Rescue stretcher, Paediatric Kit, Standard Tender Kit, Oxygen Kit for the tender, Nebuliser, Eye wash station and other items. • For ultimate medical safety...

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PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ADVICE The First Call – 24/7 Medical Advisory Service Pay as You Use Service with a fee per incident or Unlimited Call Service Annual Fee The First Call provides a “Direct to Doctor” with immediate access to advice from senior doctors in the speciality of Emergency Medical Care in the marine environment 24 hours a day 365 days a year. With additional access and advice available from senior clinicians in all specialist fields. 24 Hours a Day Medical Advice • Unlimited support during and after emergencies or other medical situations. • Reporting and liaison with an individual’s...

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OTHER ESSENTIAL MEDICAL EQUIPMENT Reel Splint The ultimate leg splint for serious leg trauma. Trauma / Accidents Stretchers Specialty Access & Rescue Stretcher Polypropylene bed is flexible when laid flat. Ideal for confined space storage.Becomes rigid for protection and support. Carrying bag for easy transport/storage. Included in Charter Kits OMI Trauma Kit Although OMI Kits contain many items to enable stabilisation of accidents, the OMI Trauma Kit combines these and adds a further range of important trauma tools. Contents Vacuum splints CT-6 leg splint Intra-Osseous FAST fluid system Dressings...

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OTHER ESSENTIAL MEDICAL EQUIPMENT Emergency Medical Equipment Defibrillator (AED) Clear, natural voice instructions that talk you through each step. Coaches you through the entire CPR cycle. Training materials included meet MCA crew training compliance. Features: One piece ‘Padz’ – One piece electrodes allow for fast application to patient. Chest sensor unit measures depth & speed of compression accompanied by audio & visual prompts to maximise CPR effectiveness. Included in Charter Kits Oxygen (see also DIVING and TENDERS) Oxygen included in: Charter Kits, MCA/LUX A+B Kits, Weeekend / Sporfish...

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