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Newsletter – Edition 12 – Sept 2010 - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Ocean Medical Intelligent solutions to medical problems at sea NGWSlGttGT — EdÌtÌOIl 12 — Sept 2010 Marine Industry Associations Members Intro - Note from Medical Director Dr Ian Marshall STS Lite - Telemedicine Demonstrations - Monaco, METS & Ft Lauderdale Boat Shows - Promotional Boat Show price New Agent & Partnerships - Istanbul office, E3 systems Medical Matters - Vaccinations Medical Kit Storage Bags - New designs FaceBook & Linked In - Professional Groups - Dont forget! Floods in Pakistan, earthquakes in Chile and New Zealand and, of course, hurricanes in the Caribbean again, some things are always going to be beyond our control. However, we can prepare for those worst case scenarios and improve the outcomes should they happen, and having access to medical supplies and equipment to safely treat the widest range of medical problems falls into that category. Most of you receiving this Newsletter will already have an Ocean Medical International medical kit, so I guess I am preaching to the converted, and you know already the quality of our products. But we do not sit on our laurels at OMI, and I am pleased to inform you that over the coming months we will be releasing exciting updates and improvements across our range. Some of these will be showcased in this Newsletter and at our stands at this year's Monaco Yacht Show, the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show and METS. So come along to our stand, and say hello and see what we have to show you. Medical Director Dr Ian Marshall, Medical Director

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Intelligent solutions to medical problems at sea Newsletter - Edition 12 - Sept 2010 öïHt'ty Hi -survival vcimprnent elita Marine Group Telemedicine (STS Lite) - Boat Show demonstrations & Special offer We will be providing full demonstrations of the STS Lite during the Monaco, Ft Lauderdale & METS Boat Shows over the coming months. In addition during the Monaco Show, we will also be providing first aid demonstrations on resuscitation and first aid procedures such as injections and suturing techniques. Ultrasound option - We are in the final stages of developing an additional peripheral measuring...

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Intelligent solutions to medical problems at sea NGWSlGttGr — EdÌtÌOITI 12 — SGpt 2010 Training Partners Palma, Mallorca, Spain VA< CIME PROFESSIONAL TRAINING MASTERS, MATES, & ENGINEERS, INC. Support Service New Agent - Istanbul, Turkey We have established a new Agent representative in Istanbul, Turkey. Ataman Seferoglu of Yatservis, provides a range of yacht products for newbuild and refit projects. Shipping New Kits & Kit Updates to Turkey has always been challenging in the past due to prohibitive local laws. Yatservis can capably assist with yacht medical supply shipments, having established...

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Ocean Medical Intelligent solutions to medical problems at sea Newsletter - Edition 12 - Sept 2010 OMI is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with Guardian 24/7 to offer ReadyRooms to superyachts. Guardian 24/7 provides a service that represents a new Gold standard in providing medical care. A ReadyRoom is an installation of medical equipment, supplies and medication that is prepositioned in a client's home, jet or yacht. Custom- tailored to the needs and the client and his/her family and location, the ReadyRoom's state of the art technology allows Guardian's US Presidential physicians...

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