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Ocean Medical Classification: Designed for vessels that travel 150nm+ offshore and/or 24hrs+ from medical care. Appropriate for up to 10 crew. Larger crew/passenger contingents: 10-20, 20-30, 30-40, 40+ available upon request. A safe, comprehensive, highly organised, and user- friendly medical kit, that complies to, and exceeds MCA • OMI Emergency 'Grab Bag', for initial first response. Includes full Medical Instructions Manual, Assessment and stabilisation Guide, & Medical Reference Manual. • An extensive & wide range of safe and effective drugs • Completely organised in a modular format, with instruction labels on individual storage pouches and • UK sourced medications in English • Gives the user the ability to stabilise and treat the widest range of conditions from major to minor, in an organised and safe system • Medical storage pouches 40cm x 34cm x 8cm, 1 kilo 15 pouches, plus a small fridge pouch & a suture kit 1 Box saline solution, 30cm x 22cm x 20cm, 8 kilos

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Ocean Medical The heart of the OMI system is the Medical Grab Bag, which contains everything you need for all medical emergencies. The only way that essential emergency supplies should be stored and transported in order for stabilisation of potential emergency situations. Patients in many emergencies cannot be taken to the medical supplies; therefore the supplies must be taken to the patient. Oxygen and defibrillator equipment also essential for emergency medical treatment are provided separately. • Medical Kit Instruction Manual - A 65 page easy-to-use guide for safe use of all drugs with added...

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