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MCA Class C Essential - 1 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Essential MCA Class C Medical Kit Classification: Designed for use on yachts that do not go far from shore, stay exclusively in inshore waters, and return to homeport at night. For travel up to 60nm offshore and/or 1hr (60min) from medical care. Appropriate for up to 10 crew and passengers. Essential medications & bandages Stored in compact durable water-resistant Waterproof, multi-lingual Inventory & Instruction Guide on treatment of injuries & illnesses, and Individually labelled bag contents Complies to MCA Category C regulations MSN 1768 (M+F) for ships medical stores Bandages, Dressings & Tape Burn Dressings Wound Closures Scissors, forceps, gloves, thermometers Resuscitation Pocket mask Space Blanket Suitable for First Aid response to: Bleeding abnormality Hear attack & Rescue breathing Joint pain Motion sickness Muscle strain Skin infection Wound closure

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