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MCA Class B - 1 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Ocean Medical Classification: Designed for vessels that travel up to 150nm offshore and/or 12-24 hrs from medical care. Appropriate for up to 10 crew. Larger crew contingents available An intelligent, complete, highly organised, user-friendly, and safe medical kit, that complies to, and exceeds • OMI Emergency 'Grab Bag', for initial first response. Includes full Medical Instructions Manual, Assessment and stabilisation Guide, & Medical Reference Manual. • A comprehensive range of safe and effective drugs • Completely organised in a modular format, with instruction labels on individual storage pouches and • UK sourced medications in English • Gives the user the ability to stabilise and treat a wide range of conditions from major to minor, in an organised and safe system • Medical storage pouches 40cm x 34cm x 8cm, 1 kilo 6 pouches, plus a small fridge pouch & a suture kit

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