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REMOTELY OPERATED VEHICLE [ MINI-ROV ] OIS LED LIGHT UNDERWATER INSPECTIONOIS Module UP TO 300 METER DEEP Underwater Standard & OPERATION OIS lighting delivers brightness, reliability, efficiency and remote controlled networked lighting system for ROV, AUV and lighting platforms. Targeted applications Targeted applications General underwater inspection General underwater inspection Crawler systems Diving applications Tow and drop camera systems ROV system Underwater observatory systems Tow and drop camera system Diving applications Winch and deck lighting For scientific community, defence and security, energy, aquaculture Main assets Enabling the powering of the ROV according to its needs through a constant monitoring of its energy consumption. Special features Simple to maintain and easy to upgrade thanks to OiS innovative modular architecture. Robust , reliable and Compact Housing This ROV is adapted any purposes1500lm lifting operations, HD video High performance led COB up to as high inspection and the use of manipulator arm. Lightweight and compact: 0.3kg on air, 0,15 in fresh water Up to four vertical thrusters for stability and balance control. 300 meters depth rating : The light can be used up to 300 meters depth FO Option : BetweenThe thermal protection is electronically regulated Thermal protection: the ROV and the ground control, warranting high to protect the LED and LED driver from high temperatures. Housing: Anodized aluminium (also available in inox 316L) A small-sized spotlight, controled from the surface. Ocean Innovation System SAS Cap Alpha – 9 avenue de l’Europe – 34830 Clapiers 10 000€ OCEAN INNOVATION SYSTEM - SAS au capital de– France SIRET 81125758300013 RCS MONTPELLIER SIRET 811 257 583 00013--RCS Montpellier TVA-CE FR81811257583 - APE 7112B N°TVA FR81811257583 - APE 7112B COLOR NAVIGATION CAMERA High resolution PAL color camera with defog algorithm for turbid water Trimmable lighting power via RS485 Architect of underwater modular robotics solutions

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This document is the property of OCEAN INNOVATION SYSTEM SAS Its contents can not be reproduced or communicated without its authorization REMOTELY OIS LED LIGHT OPERATED VEHICLE [ MINI-ROV ] UNDERWATER INSPECTION Underwater Standard OIS Module & OPERATION UP TO 300 METER DEEP OIS lighting delivers brightness, reliability, efficiency and a highly configurable networked lighting system for ROV, AUV and lighting platforms. Main Characteristics Targeted :applications • Material Hard Anodized Aluminum or underwater inspection General stainless Steel depending on depth rate. • Depth 100m / 300m Crawler...

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