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Catalog excerpts

Ultraviolet Solutions Votre futur systeme de traitement

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Invasive Species: A Global Concern Ships transport over 80% of the world’s commodities, and transfer 3 to 5 billion tons of ballast water annually between oceans, all the while ballasting and discharging water during operation. Ballast water contains many marine organisms, larvae, eggs, plankton… that, when introduced into a new environment, may survive and invade the local marine ecological system. It has been estimated that more than 7000 species are transported each day through ballast tanks, and that some 40 recent invasions occurred because of ballast water discharge. The International Maritime...

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The Ballast Water Management Convention The BWM Convention requires ships to develop ballast water management plans, to maintain ballast water record book, and to undertake certain measures (exchange of ballast water under D-1 rule, and treatment under D-2 standard) to control the ballast water discharges. The limits set by the D-2 regulation are presented in this table. IMO D-2 Standard For Discharge Ballast Water Microorganism category Toxicogenic Vibrio Cholerae < 10 Colony Forming Unit / 100 mL Escherichia Coli < 250 Colony Forming Unit / 100 mL Intestinal Enterococci < 100 Colony Forming...

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The BIO-SEA Solution 1ST STEP: FILTRATION 40µm filtering element in stainless steel or duplex, in order to retain suspended solids and zooplankton (microorganism size > 50 µm) n Size to scale depending on the flow rate to treat n Automatic backwash, monitored by a pressure switch n No disruption of the filtration process during the cleaning cycle, and no significant variation of the treated flow rate n Additional suction pump to allow a complete cleaning even if the vessel service pressure is low n Vertical or horizontal configurations available n 2 models of filter are available, one very economic,...

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BALLAST TANK UV TREATMENT BALLASTING: Filtration + UV disinfection When the pressure gauge indicates clogging of the filter, the self-cleaning cycle is automatically launched. The dedicated backwash pump ensures the discharge of the filtrate, without loss of flow rate while filling the ballast tanks. BALLAST TANK UV TREATMENT DEBALLASTING: UV disinfection only - filtration is automatically by-passed. CLEANING: At the end of operation (either ballasting or deballasting) a total purge of the system is performed, followed by flushing and filling of the filter and UV reactors with fresh water. Well...

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Our Range The choice between different sizes and designs of filter facilitates retrofit as well as new building installations. The modularity of the UV solution, treating 100 m3/h of brackish sea water per reactor, meets any pump’s flow rate. Technical Characteristics from 100 to 1000 m3/h + Treatment Capacity Power Supply Power Requirement per UV reactor 14 to 22 kW depending on water quality Environmental Operating Conditions Global Head Loss Dimensions, weights, materials and other data available upon request, depending on the requiredconfiguration. SUCCESSFUL TESTING Environmental testing...

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Possible On Board Installations Treated flow rate: 200 m3/h Vessel type: ferries, RoRo... Treated flow rate: 500 m3/h Vessel type: cargos, containerships... Treated flow rate: 1000 m3/h Vessel type: containerships, tankers, bulk carriers...

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BIO-UV, founded in May 2000 and based in Southern France, specializes in UV-C light for water treatment, designs, manufactures, and offers worldwide UV solutions for water disinfection. It employs more than 48 people based in France and 15 in the US at Delta UV, based in California, a wholly owned affiliate company. More than 50 000 BIO-UV systems are installed all over the world. The company offers innovative and well-adapted solutions for many applications such as: BWT, wastewater treatment, REUSE applications, purification of industrial effluents, drinking water production, aquaculture, and...

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