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TECHNICAL DATA: BIO-SEA 100 Installation and configuration example FILTER BS-50 (w suction pump) UV REACTORS POWER CABINET POWER CABINET + HMI CONTROL CABINET FLOWMETER (to be located on the piping after the system) PNEUMATIC VALVES (for by-passes of filter and/or UV) Cleaning pump Manifold OPERATING CONDITIONS - Maximum treated flow rate: 100 m3/h - Head loss in dirty filter situation: < 0,7 bars* - Operating pressure Min/ Max: 1,6 bars/10 bars - Total electric power: 33 kW ENVIRONMENT OF USE/Engine room - Ambient T° min/max: 0°C /55C - Humidity: max 90% *Manifolds and supplementary elements (as new valves needed on the existing pipe) depending on the technical option chosen for installation on board. * Head loss in dirty filter situation in the present configuration.  This document is the property of BIO-UV and may not be reproduced or used without authorization

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FILTER (a) FILTER BS-050 Housing material Coating Filtration screen Filtration degree (screen aperture rating) Lenght in mm Service space in mm Diameter in mm Footprint H /V m2 Weight in kg (Dry/filled) Automatic Backwash By DP measure Connection inlet/outlet Flushing outlet Available connection (inch/DIN) Filter housing of carbon steel 37-2 zinc-phosphate + 250 µm phenol epoxy coating (exterior and interior) Stainless steel 904L 40 µm Horizontal:2370mm/ vertical:650mm 1010mm 300mm Horizontal: 0,80 m2 / Vertical: 0,16 m2 Horizontal: 165 kg /280kg vertical:190kg/305kg Motor, suction pump and flush...

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UV REACTOR (b) UV REACTOR Material Weight (dry/filled) Connection type Ø Orientation Number of lamp per reactor Power consumption per lamp Lamp type Lamp lifetime (average) STAINLESS STEEL 316L + anti-corrosion coating 25 kg/55kg Flanges / DN 100 Horizontal 1 14 to22 kW depending on water transmittance- automatic power regulation Medium pressure 3 000 h / 2 to 5 years according the operations Service Space CONTROL CABINET (e) CONTROL CABINET : ONLY ONE PER COMPLETE BALLAST WATER TREATMENT SYSTEM Material Painted steel Dimensions 1 000 x 600 x 250 mm Service Space Door opening : 1 000 Footprint...

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POWER CABINET (c & d) POWER CABINET Material Cable length between cabinet and reactor(s) Weight Display and control for HMI cabinet For 2 reactors Painted steel 10 to 35 m 500 kg HMI (touch screen) Inputs and outputs for control and alarms IP54 Protection index POWER CABINET  This document is the property of BIO-UV and may not be reproduced or used without authorization

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