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Ocean Alexander 83 - 3 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

TESTED ::: OCEAN ALEXANDER 83 BY CAPT. PATRICK SCIACCA ::: REPRINTED FROM APRIL 2010 NEED TO KNOW LOA x Beam: Weight (dry): 144,000 lbs. Tankage (gal): Fuel: 1,800 83'0" x 20'0" Draft: 6'0" Water: 350 Std. Power: 2/1,600-hp MTU 10V2000s Cabins: 1 master, 3 guest, 2 crew berths Base Price: upon request SNAPSHOT::: A beamy, mid-speed motoryacht built to take on blue water. THIS 83-FOOTER OUTPUNCHES POSEIDON ON A FOUL TEST DAY.

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raindrops the size of marbles fell so hard onto the wooden-plank dock beneath my feet that the water hit me coming down and bouncing back up. Winds were out of the northeast at 25- mph-plus, and waves were forming eight-foot vertical walls just outside of Fort Lauderdale's Port Everglades inlet. A great day for a boat ride, I thought with a healthy dose of New York sarcasm, as the rain soaked my clothes through to my bones leaving me feeling like a sponge. While I worried that this sea trial would be one of those victory- at-sea days, my confidence in a positive outcome grew as I gazed at the...

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You get excellent visibility when you blend large, wide windows with a maximum trim angle of just four degrees from natural light entering through portholes on either side of the Cats. Duplex fuel-water separators for the mains are easily accessed on the ER's forward bulkhead, but I wish the fuel tank sight gauges were as easy to see. To view them, you have to walk all the way to the forward bulkhead and look all the way outboard to each motor. The 83's saloon, which is accessed from the optional teak-covered cockpit via a pneumatically operated sliding door (very Star Trek), is just as spacious....

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