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98/102 Motoryacht - 6 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

SHE HANDLES HEAVY WEATHER Story And Photography By BILL JACOBS As we cleared the Ft. Lauderdale jetties, the two yachts, which minutes ago had looked i large in their slips, suddenly were like toy boats tossed to and fro by the breaking waves of the Atlantic. A strong, persistent flow of easterlies had built up some impressive seas. After a brief discussion at the dock before sunrise, we had decided to venture into the ocean for our scheduled photo shoot of the Ocean Alexander 50 Classicco. The boat we'd be shooting from, the comfortable and luxurious Ocean Alexander 52 motoryacht, was a far cry from the small runabouts and fishing boats to which I've become accustomed. Capt. Al Eason and his crew did their best to hold our platform reasonably steady as Bob Holland, a photographer for Ocean Alexander's ad agency, and I shot frame after frame of the 50 tackling the seas. She looked proud and steady as she punched through the waves into the rising sun. What better test could there be of the seagoing capabilities of this stout trawler yacht? After an hour of both boats and crew being banged around, we headed inside. Capt. Steve Wanger backed the 50 to our stern as I transferred with my gear to complete the sea trial. We discovered that while under way in rolling seas, the saloon table, which inadvertently had not been fastened down, had come loose and recorded its voyage across the cabin, gouging the teak-and-holly sole. Capt. Steve, who does the commissioning of the OA yachts, was not happy, nor was he excited about taking the boat back into the open ocean. I couldn't blame him. We decided to conclude our tests and decibel readings within the confines of the jetty and the ICW Even that proved quite a challenge: Port Everglades was bustling. As we attempted to traverse the protected waters, we had to dodge two outgoing cruise ships, three inbound freighters, Coast Guard patrols, and assorted tugs and pilot boats. In my limited time aboard, the boat ran smoothly and handled every course adjustment with ease. Her John Deere engine is well insulated; decibel readings in the pilothouse ranged from 72dBA at idle to 79dBA at wide-open throttle (12 knots). Having watched her from the 52 in big ocean swells, I was impressed by her apparent stability in weather one would never choose to be boating in. The boat is designed to accept active stabilizers, but because this was an inventory model, she was not so equipped. She is hard chined in the aft third of her hull, and this, coupled with her full skeg, provides an impressive amount of hull form stability. Reprinted with permission. Copyright 2007 © Dominion Enterprises (888.487.2953) www.passagemaker.com Reprinted with permission. Copyright 2007 © Dominion Enterpris

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Ocean Alexander 50 Classicco Top: The walk-around bridge allows for easy line handling, and the cushioned area is a great spot for lounging once anchored. Above: The foredeck is a clean and simple space. Just be sure to shut the hatch before washing down the anchor! DESIGN ELEMENTS Ocean Alexander has been building boats for more than 25 years, completing nearly 2,000 yachts in that time period. The family-owned business has its own yards in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and Shanghai, China, and, with over 600 fiill-time employees, is one of the larger boatbuilders in the industry. The company was founded by...

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Ocean Alexander 50 Classicco The 50 Classicco cuts through chop with ease. A dinghy would fit well on the top deck and could be maneuvered handily with the hefty Steelhead Marine WD800 crane. saloon in a symmetrical layout; as with most things on boats, there is a trade-off Topsides, the dinghy deck measures 11 feet wide by 13 feet deep and will accommodate a large tender with a motor. A powerful Steelhead Marine WD800 crane supplies the power to make launching and retrieval easy over the port side. The flybridge area provides a double helm seat that is adequate for the skipper and mate. A small...

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Top: The view looking forward through the saloon is open; space is well used, and cabin windows provide lots of light. Above: The galley has ample counter space, and the opening window provides natural light and ventilation. Note the round countertop, which can be used for cocktail service. (There's room for bottle storage directly below.) Reprinted with permission. Copyright 2007 © Dominion Enterprises (888.487.2953) www.passagemaker.com Top: A comfortable settee surrounds the adjustable-height table. The movable hassocks that fit around the base of the table also contain storage space within....

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Ocean Alexander 50 Classicco OCEAN ALEXANDER 50 CLASSICCO MAST HEIGHT FUEL CAPACITY WATER CAPACITY HOLDING CAPACITY STANDARD POWER MAXIMUM SPEED CRUISE SPEED BASE PRICE TOUR BOAT PRICE Alexander Marine oceanalexander.com; info@oceanalexander.com The master stateroom and head form a midship suite that is oriented athwartship. The stateroom measures an impressive 9 by 8 feet and features a fìlli queen-size berth to starboard. Two opening ports provide natural light and ventilation while at the dock. The master stateroom lacks a dedicated vanity. On the positive side, there is a great deal of storage:...

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Ocean Alexander 50 Classicco FUEL USAGE AT VARIOUS SPEEDS Shorepower receptacles (50 amps each) are located on each side of the vessel, but both are well forward. No receptacle is provided on the aft deck, which means long runs of heavy shorepower cable are required to connect the boat when docked in a stern-to position. Each battery is contained in a rugged case, with its cover secured by nylon straps. All batteries are readily accessible for servicing, which, because they are of the flooded variety, will be required. Lacking, however, is a consolidated battery switch outside the engine room...

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