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58 Pilothouse - 7 Pages

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SEAMANSHIP: WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU RUN AGROUND Cover Exclusive f/Î^ÎT^ St. Barths: Luxury on Excellence III Exumas: Diving for treasure New Charter Yachts: We pick the 11 Best Boat Show

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he last time I was on an Ocean Alexander was probably six or seven years ago on Seattle's Lake Washington, and two things stick in my mind. First, we ran in front of Bill Gate's house (which took awhile), and second, Ocean Alexander was an impressive cruising Earlier this summer I had the chance to get on an Ocean Alexander again, this time at Roche Harbor in the ever-verdant San Juan Islands north of Seattle, where the houses are smaller but the scenery is better, and I was even more impressed by the company than I had been before. I wasn't the only one. In fact, this particular Ocean Alexander,...

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THE TEAK AND JOINERWORK THROUGHOUT THE OCEAN ALEXANDER 58 PILOTHOUSE IS EXCEPTIONAL, AS SEEN IN THE SALOON (BOTTOM LEFT). THE GALLEY (BELOW) OFFERS ALL THE COMFORTS OF A WELL-APPOINTED HOME. I caught up with these two couples at the Ocean Alexander owners rendezvous in Roche Harbor, where Don and Yuna were living on the boat in the master state- room, while Richard and Pat were also on board, in the VIP stateroom, as guests. Fortunately, it's a big, comfortable, well-appointed boat, and everybody seemed happy. Particularly Don. "I love to cruise," he said, with the enthusiasm of some- one half...

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e 58 is designed for people who demand lot? of space and comfort—in a package that can be handled by a cruising-minded couple

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built-in drawers. The VIP forward also has a queen, with the same extra storage. Both have large cedar hang- ing lockers. The third stateroom comes with two berths, available either side by side, or one over the other (as in this yacht), plus a built-in computer desk so that the owner can have an onboard office of sorts. Aft, the large teak cockpit offers an extra space in which to sit and watch the world go by. It's built for comfort and ease; there are boarding gates on each side, plus two more from the curved stairs leading up from the large swim platform. Up top, the bridge is large, clean,...

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