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Catalogue excerpts

As O’Brien gets ready to celebrate 50 years of business, we looked back at our history to see what brought us to where we are today. We are proud of our heritage and our accomplishments. We appreciate the commitment of all the employees, team riders and customers, who over the years have helped shape O’Brien into the brand it is today. Throughout this catalog you will find a timeline of many of O’Brien’s innovations. You will also see an all-star lineup of athletes past and present who have performed their personal best, set world records, and won countless contests while riding O’Brien products....

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BOARD & SKI TECH 3-STAGE ROCKER Not Your Grandma’s Rocker. Generally, 3-Stage Rocker boards are defined by a flat (or nearly flat) midsection of the board, with the tips kinked upwards at an angle. Because of the kinked bottom shape, 3-Stage Rocker boards tend to be much more aggressive off the wake than continuous boards, with a more straight-up component to the pop. The more abrupt the tip angle, the more kick the board has off the wake – but typically this comes along with more drag and can also make the board “stop” on landings. Again, we know all that, so we make sure our 3-Stage boards ride...

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THE TEAM WAKEBOARD TEAM Benjamin Hoppe Cobe Mikacich Cory Teunissen Daniel Watkins David O’Caoimh Jeff Langley Jeremia Hoppe Josh Sanders Mattias Hoppe Nick Ennen Parker Siegle Robby Holihan Sean O’Brien Tarah Mikacich Amelie Lill Jack Hammersley Mike Hilgers Andy Nintzel Jason Jakober Mitch Allen Anthony Cote Mona Stenzel Brooke Grassman Joel Bartley Norikazu Toge Christopher Klein Joey Battleday Norman Frank Johnny Carne Phillip Thiele Cobe France Jordan Sien Puji Chandra Maulana Connor Jones Quinten Adema Corbin Blanton Robby Maschhaupt Daniela Levy Judith Hoppe Russ Wilde Darren Bishop Ryoji...

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Coming into its second season, The Bruce has exceeded all of our expectations. We knew we had something big when Jeff Langley took this board worldwide, stomping out a name for The Bruce as his weapon of choice. The 5-Stage rocker on The Bruce gives the board incredible glide on the water, carving, releasing, all with a smoothness that exudes style and power in the same movement. At the wake, The Bruce explodes, drawing energy and snap from the flexible tips, transferring through to the rigid midsection for a snappy release like no other. A double concave midsection and Delta Base enhance the...

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SUGGESTED BINDINGS BREDDAS The Hoppe brothers of Uddevalla, Sweden share more than a surname. Benjamin, Mattias and Jeremia share athletic abilities as if handed down from Odin himself. They also share an unselfish sibling rivalry to better each other, giving a new definition to family support. On a winter trip to Thailand in 2011 the brothers filmed a video documenting the experience. The result was Breddas (Jamaican slang for brothers), a 15 minute video edit posted to the web. They followed it the next year filming One Shot, which in early 2013 went viral in the wakeboard community. Each video...

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HYBRID SERIES Last season, O’Brien & Nick Ennen tweaked some of the features on the Baker. Whether winching or free riding, Nick is always pushing the envelope of what is possible on a board. In a quest to continually improve, we made changes to the board that further enhanced its riding qualities. We added more flex to the tip & tail, reduced volume & height of the molded fins, and added subtle tracking channels through the midsection. These changes resulted in a lighter board that tracks and presses better than its debut year. These changes, combined with the bulletproof Impact Base, the Baker...

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When we started development on the Paradigm with Sean, the challenge was could anyone make a board that performed to our standards on boat, cable, and obstacles? A board too flexible won’t work behind the boat. Too stiff of a board won’t work ideally on cable and obstacles. The perfect flex needed was achieved by combining our Fusion Core with the Paradigm’s heavily ribbed cross-section & its tapered geometry. The end result is a board that is more rigid between your feet, blended out to a flexible tip & tail. This combination gives you incredible energy through the wake, and the ability to press...

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HYBRID SERIES artwork by Alex Grey LENGTH WIDTH ROCKER EDGE PROFILE WEIGHT LIMIT FIRST in the industry to accessorize the ski line with gloves and vests. 9 COLEMan Inc. bought o'brien

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For those looking for a more wallet friendly, do-it–all boat and cable board, the Fremont is for you. Inspired by Sean O’Brien’s pro model Paradigm flex board, we captured the essence of all that makes a good hybrid board, focusing on cost effective measures to make sure the price is right. Featuring the same featureless bottom and durable, removable Blunt fins, the Fremont is stable for the intermediate rider but suitable for the pro level rider as well. Shape: C. Johnson SUGGESTED BINDINGS

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RANDELL HARRIS PRO MODEL The Contra features a triple concave hull through the midsection. It transitions into defined channels exiting at the tips, providing unparalleled thrust to the wake. The variable rail has extra volume through the center for a more forgiving transition, while the unique, centrally located molded fins provide exceptional balance and control while on edge. The Contra rides a bit deeper in the water, allowing the rider to generate line tension effortlessly, maximizing the 3-stage pop at the wake. The Fusion core continues with the Contra, providing just a bit of flex for...

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SPARK TARAH The Spark rides a bit deeper in the water, allowing the rider to generate line tension effortlessly, maximizing the 3-stage pop at the wake. The Fusion core continues with the Spark, providing just a bit of flex for added snap when slashing, boosting & softening landings. A triple concave hull through the midsection that transitions into defined channels exiting at the tips, provides unparalleled thrust to the wake. The variable rail has extra volume through the center for a more forgiving transition, while the unique, centrally located molded fins, provide exceptional balance and...

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