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Catalogue excerpts

Solutions for Marine Automation

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Integrated ship solutions - everything from a single source Customized automation solutions Backed by almost 90 years of experience, NORIS offers customized ship automation solutions. As one of the few providers on the market to do so, we not only support you from the design, planning, implementation and commissioning stages through to servicing your system but we also develop, produce and market all the necessary products and components: from sensor systems through signal processing and visualisation to components and systems for complex control systems - where everything simply fits. 03 NORISYS...

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Alarm Extension System Emergency Order Telegraph System Visualisation Analogue Indicator for Speed, Temperature, Pressure etc. Remote Control System Emergency Order Telegraph System Bridge Messroom Engine Room Engine Control Room Sensors Measuring Speed Signal Processing Multifunctional Devices, Measuring Transducers, Limit Value Switches Sensors Measuring Temperature Sensors Pressure Transducers, Rotation Angle Pick-ups, Tachogenerators Engine Safety System Open Automation Platform IAMCS - Local Visualisation Local Visualisation Displays, Signaling Units, Data Viewing Stations IAMCS - I/O Components...

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Open automation platform Open automation platform NORISYS - the open automation platform The foundation for your application Your benefits at a glance ■■Fast, multitasking 32-bit processor for processing highly complex controls ■■Open communication and programming standards (PLC conforming to IEC61131 with CODESYS) ensure a high degree of flexibility and compatibility ■■Integrated web server with CODESYS Web Visualisation for fast and easy Interfaces for system integration Interfaces such as RS232/-422/-485 with MODBUS RTU or other user-defined protocols or redundant Ethernet for field We realise...

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Open automation platform Integrated alarm, monitoring and control system NORIMOS - Integrated alarm-, monitoring and control system NORISYS 4-PMC I/O module for 16 universal analogue Inputs I/O module for processing up to 16 universal analogue inputs in 2 or 3-wire configuration NORISYS 4-16AI I/O module for 32 digital Inputs I/O module for up to 32 digital inputs with integrated open-circuit monitoring in 2-wire configuration or in part 3-wire configuration (of which up to 8 inputs with frequency measurement/ counter function) Power Management Controller The Power Management Controller can be...

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User-friendly and intuitive HMI NORIVIS, the state-of-the-art, web-based visualisation system, represents the interface between the crew and machine (HMI). With an intuitive user interface at visualisation stations in the engine control room, office area or on the bridge, the visualisation software displays system information application-specific and conveniently on the screen. In addition to alarm lists, status displays and event analysis, long-term diagnostics with trend curves, alarm and event history form an integral part and can be used later to optimise the engine management processes. Decentralised...

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Remote control system Emergency order telegraph system Remote control system system concept Interfaces external control - Autopilot - DP 1 / 2 / 3 system - Joystick system Interface dredge control - Dredging mode - Discharging mode - Speed demand Interface gear box / shaft line - Main clutch - PTO / PTI / PTH clutch - Shaft speed response Interface main drive - Load - Speed response / demand - Slow down - Shut down Interface propulsion - Angle feedback #1 - Angle feedback #2 - Hydraulic monitoring NORISTAR-EOT -emergency order telegraph system Drive lever systems for ship propulsion System concept...

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Local operating panels (LOPs) Safety systems for combustion engines System concept With the components of our automation platform we assemble local operating panels (LOPs) such as standalone exhaust systems, engine monitoring and control systems, gearbox monitoring and control systems, safety and start-stop systems for engines in one-off or series production. As a manufacturer of analogue indicators and sensors we clearly display measurements or supply suitable temperature, speed and pressure sensors as required. Standalone monitoring and control for ship propulsion systems ■ Designed for main...

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Offshore and underwater technology For use in the offshore and underwater engineering sector, we have developed pressure-resistant versions of the NORISYS 4 components that are suitable for applications at depths of up to 6000 m. They feature pressure-proof and water-tight plug connections and an interface with underwater acoustic modems. They are particularly suitable for: ■ Oceanic current, oceanic thermal or tidal power stations ■ Wind power stations ■ Sea mark automation ■ Deep sea factories, deep sea mining, underwater robotics Your benefits at a glance ■ Powerful 32-bit High PLC system ■...

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Pulse bands and attachments We make instrumentation to your specifi Whether to indicate speed, temperature, pressure, propeller pitch or rudder position. We make instrumentation to your specifications In addition to different designs (round or square) and sizes, you can define the scale, scale colour, limit range, pointer lighting and much more. Additional functions are available on request, e.g. integrated direction of rotation recognition for measuring the speed of reversing propulsion systems, a status LED for showing when limits are exceeded as well as additional signal or relay outputs for...

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NOR/S NORIS Group GmbH Muggenhofer Str. 95 90429 Nuremberg Germany Phone:    +49 911 3201-0 ^Nuremberg ^Rostock ^Rotterdam ^Singapore ^Shanghai BR-NGR-Marine-Overview en V01.00 - 07/2014 - Errors and ommissions excepted.

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