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Catalogue excerpts

Sensor Technology, Signal Processing, Visualisation

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Aim for success -with NORIS Content Aim for success - with NORIS    03 We supply everything from one source    04 Speed sensors (non-contacting)    08 Speed pick-ups (mech. connected)    14 Rotation angle pick-ups    16 SIGNAL PROCESSING in detail    19 For us reliability is key Our products are designed to reliably operate for years and years under the most extreme environmental conditions in safety applications. We constantly ask ourselves the question: „What is REALLY required in order to offer our customers the functions they really need?" Through a large number of projects in the most diverse...

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from one source Sensors Speed sensors Engine Gearbox Temperature sensors Gearbox Switchgear cabinet Cable harnesses Pressure transducers Rotation angle pick-ups Signal processing Measuring transducers and limit value switches Multifunctional devices Visualisation Analogue indicators Panel Automation systems Ship remote controls Engine Safety Systems 05

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Sensors in detail Whether monitoring the speed of a ship‘s engine or railway gearbox, monitoring temperature of bearings in drive units, recording pressures in hydraulic system or registering the position of a ship‘s rudder, irrespective of how varied these applications may be they have three things in common: In view of their harsh ambient conditions, they place exceptional mechanical and electrical demands on sensor systems They are all associated with safety in their respective applications We offer the right solutions Sensors for special applications Designers are often faced with the problem...

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Speed sensors Main features Our speed sensors exhibit the following properties: Mechanics JSturdy design with threaded rod or flange connection T Different housing materials (e.g. brass, stainless steel or aluminium) J Different connectors, threads and rod lengths JTest prod completely protected by metal enclosed end face, resistant to splash oil and lubricants even at high temperatures JProtection class of housing - IP66/IP67 (IP68 on request) JConnection lines protected by unique protective tube design - see information on Today, non-contacting speed sensors are predominantly used to monitor...

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Temperature sensors Temperature sensors Electronics and connection J Overvoltage and overload protection, short-circuit-proof J Connection via plug (IP68) or open cable end Nothing is more varied in the world of sensors than the structural shape. Although there are only a few measuring methods, the scope of applications and therefore the variety of structural applications are great. Our temperature sensors are specifically designed for transport technology and shipbuilding. We therefore construct our sensors according to the structural shapes required in these sectors. In vehicle engineering our...

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Cable harnesses Corrugated tubing for standard applications As common practice in the sector, we use corrugated tubing for standard vehicle engineering applications to provide adequate mechanical protection in many applications. Further advantages include the low weight and high degree of flexibility for installation. Special protective tubing under extreme conditions Our years of experience and our close cooperating with our customers have proven that corrugated tubing cannot adequately protect cabling from stone and ice impact especially on high speed trains, with soiled track beds and under extreme...

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Speed pick-ups Pressure transducers Speed pick-ups Pressure transducers To increase the service life of old machines they are often equipped with modern control components as part of RETROFIT solutions. In connection with new control systems, outdated sensors in particular often pose problems in terms of reliability, accuracy, signal compatibility as well as signal stability and consequently also need to be replaced. For speed acquisition, a combination of a flexible shaft and Functional principle Piezo-resistive sensor elements are used for measuring ranges up to 10 bar while thin-film sensors...

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Rotation angle pick-ups Rotation angle pick-ups Tachogenerators Our rotation angle pick-ups are used wherever angular positions need to be registered reliably and converted into electrical signals by control systems for status monitoring purposes. The sensors are used, for example, in systems for displaying actual values and limit thresholds. As angle of rotation sensors are mostly installed directly on the bearing-mounted shafts of the objects to be measured and are therefore often difficult to access in such system, we attach particular importance to ensuring our sensors are durable, provide...

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SIGNAL PROCESSING Signal processing in detail Standard devices Measuring transducers Limit value switches Multifunctional devices In the field of signal processing, our product portfolio ranges from simple control units such as measuring transducers, limit value switches, isolation amplifiers through multifunctional devices to highly complex automation systems (refer to our product brochures on automation components). Control units for special applications Our customers‘ demanding tasks and varied applications often require individual Automation systems solutions. We specialise specifically in...

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Measuring transducers and limit value switches Measuring transducers and limit value switches Measuring transducers and limit value switches Measuring transducers and limit value switches are often used to realise simple monitoring tasks. They provide galvanic isolation, signal conversion and conditioning. They are used wherever the most demanding requirements are made in terms of reliability and long service life. The compact devices can be installed both in central control cabinets as well as directly in the vicinity of motors. As our measuring transducers and limit value switches are often...

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Multifunctional devices Multifunctional devices Multifunctional devices Our multifunctional devices are a combination of measuring transducers and switchgear. They are used wherever several variables are to be monitored with one device, special measurements such as slip and offset measurement are performed and flexible parametrisation is required. Speed evaluation with "NORISPEED" NORISPEED is an evaluation unit for connection of up to two speed sensors. The properties of a measuring transducer and of a limit value switch are combined and evaluations based on the acquired measured data are made...

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