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High-Performance Control System for Your Automation Application System Concept NORISYS 4 is an automation platform which has been specifically with the redundant CANbus connection to create a multi-master designed for harsh environments and for use with highly dyna- communication structure. One PLC unit controls up to 16 process interface modules whose At the heart of the system, there is a programmable logic con- processing architecture has been designed to allow software- troller unit (featuring a 32-bit processor) that meets the re- based parameterisation. Digital channels can be set up as inputs quirements of the IEC 61131 standard. The IPC version of the or outputs. Analogue signal channels can be configured for dif- NORISYS 4 CPU elegantly combines what industry wants from a ferent standard signals via software. PLC with a level of PC technology performance that is suitable for To ensure a compact system design and provide an efficient way harsh environments. One of the key features is the built-in web of managing custom signal processing, the system contains a server, which allows integration into existing network structures universal input-output processing unit with expansion slots for and provides access to an implemented process visualisation. A different signal cards. couple of controller and user interface units can be combined

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Programmable logic controller according to the IEC 61131 standard featuring a 32-bit, 400 MHz processor and integrated web server. An optional data logger function can store up to 32 GB of data on SDHC cards. □4 x galvanically isolated digital inputs □4 x relay outputs □2 xCANbus □2 x Ethernet □1 x EIA-232/422/485 □1 x RS-485 (NORISYS 4 ExtBus) □USB □SDHC card slot Process interface unit with 24 digital channels which can be configured as inputs or outputs via software. All channels are short-circuit proof and can drive up to 0.5 A. TFT touch panel with 17.78 cm (7") display and redundant CANbus...

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