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Remote Control for Ship Propulsion Systems System Concept The NORISTAR 4 system has been desig- mation and allows the actual end users to ned for controlling ship propulsion sys- adapt the system in accordance with their quired for this purpose. tems. It meets all the requirements set specific needs during port trials and trials forth in AUT24 and UMS. The NORISTAR 4 can be used in controllable pitch propeller systems for controlling the pitch and/or speed and in reversing gears and reversing diesel engines for controlling a speed controller. As standard each system is equipped with a user-friendly full follow-up control and a simple non-follow-up back-up control. NORISTAR 4 comprises a central processing unit provided by the NORISYS 4 automation system and operator panels connected via a bus system. The add-on architecture of the operator film panels ensures the necessary flexibility for crea- Designed for CPP, FPP, POD and any kind of thruster ting solutions that are optimised for dif- System can be adapted to suit different requirements ferent applications and customer requi- Load control prevents overloading of engines Defined control programs for any trading regions The NORISTAR 4 equipment is rounded off by NORIS lever systems for standard Equipped with VDR interface purposes, azimuth propulsion applica- Integrated touch panel for user-friendly monitoring and parameter set up tions or tube thruster systems. Easy to install and, thus, cost-effective All NORISTAR 4 systems are tested and pre-set at the factory to ensure rapid Guaranteed worldwide service for maximum availability and smooth commissioning. The engine Optional additional functions such as load distribution, electric shaft, start-stop logic, control room panel contains a graphical display which shows all the system infor-

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INTERFACES EXTERNAL CONTROL -AUTOPILOT - DP 1 / 2 / 3 SYSTEM - JOYSTICK SYSTEM Operator Control Panel Devices NORISTAR 4 MP-12L12B Master Panel NORISTAR 4 MP-23L9B-TU Master Panel Transfer Unit NORISTAR 4 SP-6L Slave Panel j1xN4ExtBus JlxPWM OUT J6 Lamps (multicolor) NORISTAR 4 SP-4B Slave Panel NORISTAR 4 SP-3L3B Slave Panel NORISTAR 4 SP-6L6B Slave Panel j1xN4ExtBus j1xPWM OUT T4 Push buttons (multicolor) j1xN4ExtBus JlxPWM OUT J3 Lamps (multicolor) J3 Push buttons (multicolor) j1xN4ExtBus JlxPWM OUT J6 Lamps (multicolor) J6 Push buttons (multicolor) NORISTAR 4 SP-12L12B-LS4 Slave Panel NORISTAR...

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