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Catalogue excerpts

NORIS Service - A Strong Global Partner Close to You

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NORIS Service - Trust and reliability, right from the start First-rate service starts with experience Developing economically efficient working practices means keeping devices and systems in perfect working order at all times. It‘s the only way to avoid repair work and keep downtimes to a minimum. And it‘s something we can help you achieve. NORIS Service - Trust and reliability, right from the start Spare parts Customer service We are a family-run company based in Nuremberg with a long tradition in measuring and automation technology – in fact, we have almost 90 years‘ experience in this field....

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of our services Customer support & service Providing the highest level of service me- stream of new guidelines to be adhered several decades. So what‘s our secret – ans delivering maximum performance in to; standards have to be met; operating how do we achieve that perfect balance? every area and going above and beyond costs reduced; service and maintenance The answer is simple, and is all down to costs kept to a minimum; and downtimes maintaining a holistic perspective. We avoided. In an ideal world, service work keep service in mind right from the start, would not be necessary at all. But since from...

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We make your repair work a top priority Repair type Hotline and personal support Thanks to our worldwide service and representatives network, we can guarantee quick response times and support without red tape - whatever the time zone or office hours. You can get in touch with your own personal contact via email or by phone. Our service team and in-house development department work closely with “We won t say goodbye after you buy.“ one another, which allows us to respond to your individual enquiries quickly and efficiently. Technical consulting We provide you with guidance and support, and are...

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Spare parts Customer service We have the right spare part for any situation We come to you: NORIS mobile Service Intelligent spare parts logistics Our devices and systems are subject to exceptionally high reliability and safety requirements. And that requires us to incorporate an intelligent spare parts management system into our service work. Thanks to our efficient network of spare parts warehouses worldwide, our spare parts can get to you quickly and without “We always have the right spare part in stock foryou.“ the need to deal with red tape. As far as possible, our spare parts come prepared and...

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We show you the best ways CERTIFIED PARTNERS Training It has long been recognised that users require training when it comes to operating customised, complex systems. We have made it our mission to help you take those first SERVICE PROVIDERS AND PARTNERS technicians so that they know the best ways to use our devices and systems. Our trainers “We give you the right tools to work with our products and systems.“ have practical experience and offer individual training sessions as well as problem-solving approaches that are tailored to your needs. We offer training at our competence and training centres...

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NORIS NORIS Group GmbH Muggenhofer Str. 95 90429 Nuremberg Germany Phone: +49 911 3201-0 Fax:    +49 911 3201-150 ^Nuremberg ^Rostock ^Rotterdam ^Singapore ^Shanghai BR-NGR-Service en V01.00 - 08/2012 - Errors and ommissions excepted.

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