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Nexus Marine Catalogue 2012 - 56 / 64 Pages



With porro prism design, anti-reflection coated lenses and

large light throughput these binoculars are intended primarily

for marine use. A key feature is the individual focusing function

that, after a one-off adjustment for individual eyesight, gives the

freedom to directly focus on a desired object without manual

focusing I Perfect in rough seas. Rugged, robust and of course

waterproof. If you should be unlucky enough to drop them in

the water, ETERNA™ binoculars will float!

Eterna Navigator comes with a built in compass I


• Protective cover in signal yellow plastic

• Battery illuminated compass

• Waterproof, nitrogen gas filled

• Individual focus function. After initial adjustment, they need no further

manual adjustment

• Magenta anti-reflection coating for reduction of UV/IR stray light

• Very good night vision

• Extended eye relief for wearers of glasses

• Will float even without neck strap !

• Extra wide neck strap with pocket and lens cleaning brush

• 2 years limited warranty

Art. No: 830750-1, Eterna™ Navigator (MN)

Art. No: 830750-5, Eterna™ Navigator (MS)

Art. No: 830750-2, Eterna™ Marine II

Nexus Marine Catalogue 2012
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    ■ □ Available colours: I7 2<r/^^\ I-120-1 85 85 Is a very stable compass for small and fast dinghies. Deck mounted with...
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    POWER BOAT COMPASSES Specially designed for powerboats to give exceptional stability in all conditions. The cone-shaped NO SPIN card is virtually...
  4. P. 53

    and standing 100 SERIES The 100 series front and top reading compasses have 3 yellow lubber lines and an apparent scale size of 100mm. The two...
  5. P. 54

    SAILING COMPASSES Designed for those yachtsmen that demand an absolutely accurate and steady card In all conditions, whatever the angle of heel....
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    MULTI PURPOSE COMPASSES 58 Optimal for smaller power boats, cars and other vehicles. The unique built-in compensator handles even large errors...
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    POWER BOAT PACKS Nexus technology is designed to fit all kind of boats and to make the outfitting of your power boat easy Nexus has created two...
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    M4 MARINE HEADLAMP Due to its compact design, the M4 Marine is the perfect choice when weight and space is crucial. Also ideal when high performance...
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    ADC WIND Ever wondered about the wind and its effect on you and your performance? The SILVA ADC Wind is the perfect instrument designed for outdoor...
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    FUNCTION NX SEA DATA NX2 MULTI NXR MULTI NX/NX2/NXR FUNCTION COMPARISON Subject to correct transducers/NMEA data on system as in January...
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    FUNCTION NX SEA DATA NX2 MULTI NXR MULTI PERFORMANCEPolar Boat speedTarget Boat SpeedHeelPitchTarget True Wind AngleVMG windward/leewardTime to...
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