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between it and the deck. Tighten all bolts

down being careful not to overtighten the

outside bolts on the rear crossbar. Leverage

provided by a 6" long wrench is sufficient for

proper tightening.

Insert rubber plugs into holes in hulls.


hole in the deck. Put some silicone sealant

on your forefinger and reach through the

hatch to put the sealant on the bolt where it

enters the hull. Attach lock nut and flat

washer to bolt inside hull using 1/2" box-end

wrench. If you cannot reach the bolt, tape

the nut to the wrench. Thread nut snugly to

hull. Do not tighten until all bolts are snug.

To attach inside

bolts on the rear

crossbar, insert one

of the 5/16" flat

head screws

through the inboard

hole of the rear

crossbar and bolt

hole in deck pocket.

Put a flat washer

and lock nut onto

the bolt. You may

find that taping the

nut washer onto a

wrench is easiest.

Tighten loosely using a screwdriver on top of


To attach outside bolts on both crossbars,

insert 5/16" hex head bolt with washer

through crossbar

and deck. Insert

through 6" stainless

steel bar which fits

under the deck.

Hand tighten.

Repeat procedure on

all outside bolts.

Before tightening

down these 8 bolts,

make sure the front

crossbar sits in the

groove without voids

From the port hull, insert forward and rear

edges of trampoline in curfs on crossbars.

The rear edge has two rows of grommets.




Feed trampoline across boat by alternately

pulling each edge.

Nacra prindle 15 16 18
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    INTRODUCTION This owner's manual is provided to ease assem- bly, maintenance and use of your Prindle Catamaran. We believe these instructions...
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    Prindle Catamaran Owner's Manual Section I: ASSEMBLY Preparation Tools needed: large screwdriver pliers needle-nose pliers 1/2"...
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    Tie a figure eight knot in the end of side lac- ing line (1/8" X 11') and begin lacing side of trampoline beginning at forward slot. Lace line...
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    Tie the block onto the side trampoline tab using a square knot. Use tab just forward of hatch for single trapeze and tabs just for- ward and aft...
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    Attach jib blocks to thim- ble at end of jib bridle wire (not shackle) using 3/16" shackle. Be sure the jaws of cleat face inboard. Thread...
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    Tiller Extension Remove lock- nut from end of tiller exten- sion. Attach extension to tiller crossbar and reattach locknut....
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    Rudder Alignment Lock both rud- ders down. Measure 22" up the leading edge of rud- ders and mark this measure- ment. Do the same...
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