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M.M. S.r.l. Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer gratings and structures Via Antonio Zanussi, 300/302 33100 Udine - Italy Cap. Soc. EURO 100.000 i.v. DOCK DECKING LOCATION Procida is an Italian municipality belonging to the Province of Naples in the Campania region. The municipality, which incorporates the islands of Procida and Vivara, attracts many tourists. In particular, the harbour is a major tourist destination. Municipality with 10,226 inhabitants (according to Istat data, 1st January, 2012) and a surface of 4.26 square kilometres. Dock decking in the city harbour Wood used in traditional docks is subject to chipping and rottenness in the long term. Rottenness is especially caused by exposure to atmospheric elements and brackish water. Concrete entails a risk of slipping and a potential danger for pedestrians walking on docks. The customer wished to build a pavement with durable materials, requiring very little maintenance. In particular, engineers were looking for a solution suitable for the area and the landscape, which would not cause any environmental impact. Naples (Italy) M.M. contributed to the solution by supplying its M.M. fibreglass gratings with shaped grid (type MDK 1230) in a special grey colour which perfectly matches the insert in natural wood. The installed material is resistant to sea water and atmospheric elements and allows to reduce maintenance to a minimum thus ensuring no interruption in the use of the structures throughout the year. Thanks to its lightness, FRP is ideal for structures designed for marine environments. The grid perfectly suits traditional wooden docks and enhances the natural landscape with an impressive architectural look. Light can freely reach the natural habitat under the dock while the surface with its slip resistant grid is extremely comfortable for pedestrians, who can walk barefoot or in heeled shoes. www.mmgrigliati.com 2014 Copyright and property M.M. srl - Partial or total reproduction is forbidden if not specifically authorized.

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