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OEM brochure 2017

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Joystick Piloting 3    _    _    _    _    OOOO    _    OO    _    _    _    _    _ SeaCore    __    OOOOOOOOOOOOOO MERCURY SMARTCRAFTINTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY Engine VESSELVIEW Mercury VesselView - the premier engine information display in the industry - allows boaters to display engine information, genset, sounder, HVAC and much more. Control System Features Alpha®    OOO    _____________ Bravo One® X    __    OOOO    __    OO    _    _    _    _    _    _ Bravo One® XR    _    _    _    _    OOOO    _    OO    _    _    _    _    _ Bravo Two® X    __    OOOOOOOO    _    OOOOO Bravo Two® XR    _    _    _    _    OOOO    _    _    _    _    _    OOO Bravo Three® X    __    OOOO    __    OO    _    _    _    _    _    _ Bravo Three® XR    _    _    _    _    OOOO    _    OO    _    _    _    _    _ MERCURY VESSELVIEW MOBILE Available for iOS and Android mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, the VesselView Mobile App instantly provides users access to their boat's SmartCraft® digital data in the palm of their hand. DTS remote control Engines sync mode One Lever mode Cruise control VesselView digital display Glass Dash Active Trim Smart Tow Joystick Control Joystick trolling control Electronic Steering with Force feedback GPS antenna + Electronic compass Autopilot Way point tracking and sequence Skyhook Auto Yaw control • : Standard    O: Optional — : Not available 1Weight refers to the lighter drive assembly. 2DTS: Digital Throttle and Shift. 3Available for dual installation. 4VGT: Variable Geometry Turbo, 2.0L (150-170) Tier 3 only. 5Naturally aspirated. 6BSO requirement needs to be specified before ordering. Some ratings are not authorized for dual installation. 7Please refer to SOLAS detailed communication. The Active Trim system is an integrated GPS, speed-based automatic engine trim system. MERCURY ACTIVE TRIM This intuitive, hands-free system continually adjusts engine trim based on changes in boat speed to improve performance, fuel economy, and ease of operation. It responds to boat manoeuvres and speed changes with precision and delivers a better overall driving experience. JOYSTICK PILOTING Few technological innovations have given boaters more confidence when docking a boat or manoeuvring. Mercury's engineering team has made a series of evolutionary enhancements to the Joystick Piloting System, which will take boaters to an entirely new level of driving ease and enjoyment. © 2017 Brunswick Marine in EMEA. All Rights Reserved. Printed in Belgium. Part #: 9M0101748 Brunswick Marine in EMEA continuously explores means to improve the products it designs, manufactures and distributes. Every effort is made to produce sales and service literature which is current. Changes to specifications of engines, boats and accessories are ongoing. This brochure should not be regarded as a precise guide to the latest specifications. This brochure is also not an offer for sales of any particular engine, boat or accessory. Distributors and dealers are not agents of Brunswick Marine in EMEA or one of its affiliates and they have no authority to bind Brunswick Marine in EMEA by any express undertaking or representation, including but not limited to representations of product, sales, applications or service nature. Not all products are available in all countries and some are available only in limited quantities. Sterndrives & Inboards PETROL I DIESEL ZEUS PODS, SHAFTS & DRIVES

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Diesel Tnbnards Cylinder N° Displacement (L) Hp/kW Max RPM Weight (kg) 2 DTS 3 Joystick Piloting 4 Turbocharged Complete Line Of Stern Drive Options Leader in propulsion systems, including the broadest product range of Sterndrives in this category. From the entry level Alpha drive, to the high performance Bravo XR series, with the addition of the Industry leading corrosion protection system offered with our SeaCore drives. Petrol Sterndrives Petrol Inboards RCD2 EPA Tier 2 EPA Tier 3 IMO2 BSO2 7 MED SOLAS Zeus pods are independently steerable. The full force of each pod's thrust directed...

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