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Marlow's superior range of technically better ropes provide engineered solutions for all towing, winching and recovery operations across the commercial, support, recreational and combat vehicle sectors. Wire rope replacement is becoming increasingly important in many vehicle recovery applications due to the significant benefits gained from modern synthetic ropes; offering greater strength, handling and safety improvements over traditional wire products. Marlow's experience in this field has been gained over 20 years of working across industry sectors in the field of wire replacement...

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TECHNICALLY BETTER. WHY CHOOSE SYNTHETIC FIBRE (HMPE) OVER WIRE ROPE? Historically wire ropes have been used for many applications requiring strength members. However, there are many drawbacks to using wire rope, some of which are highlighted below. Replacing ropes made from steel wire with those made from high performance fibres holds many advantages and none more so than in safety and performance. Synthetic fibre ropes are 8x lighter than steel wire for a given diameter Synthetic fibre ropes are 15 x stronger than wire weight for weight No strength loss when synthetic fibre ropes overlap...

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Marlow's range of Recoverline and Marlow Winch Lines cater for all wire rope replacement applications including commercial and military vehicle recovery, high loads and recreational offroad 4x4. Marlow Recoverline has a unique outer braid that provides protection from abrasion, UV and other sources of external damage. This cover is designed to provide excellent abrasion resistance and to protect the core, however if it becomes damaged then the contrasting colour core becomes visible resulting in a clear retirement point before there is any significant strength loss. Construction: 12 strand...

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MARLOW WINCHLINE Marlow Winch Line has a low stretch, high strength 12-strand construction and is protected with Marlow ArmourCoat to improve abrasion resistance and protect from the ingress of dirt, grit and oil. MARLOW WINCHLINE Construction: 12 Strand HMPE, Pre-stretched, Marlow ArmourCoat DIAMETER mm    inch WEIGHT    AVERAGE SPLICED LENGTH    MIN BREAK LOAD (kN) Other diameters are available Dynaline Max takes the wire rope replacement concept of Marlow Winch Line a stage further by adding Marlow's 'Max' super prestretching process. Dynaline Max offers much higher strength than a...

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DYNALINE DEFENDER Specifically designed for use in the harshest working environments of the commercial and military recovery sectors. The Defender is manufactured from a 100% Dyneema® SK78 or SK99 core and a thin Dyneema® cover which acts as a dual purpose; protecting from abrasion caused by sand and grit whilst ensuring the rope maintains a firm, round profile which minimises the risk of rope 'dive'. DYNALINE DEFENDER    r    r REBEL KERR Marlow's REBEL Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope (K.E.R.R) is made from 100% UV stabilised Nylon / Polyamide which offers unrivalled elongation...

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For larger winches and high load applications Marlow also manufactures a range of 12 strand Dyneema® up to 40mm diameter and 1255 (kN) break load. Where the higher break loads for a given diameter are required, D12 Plus is also available in Dyneema SK99. For applications where flex fatigue is a critical factor, such as two drum traction winches, D12 Plus is available in Dyneema® XBO, a treatment applied at the yarn manufacturing stage which increases resistance to bending fatigue. Construction: 12 Strand Dyneema® SK75, SK78, SK99 or XBO, Marlow ArmourCoat Larger diameters up to 96m are...

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TOW ROPES RHINO SLING - LIFTING & RECOVERY High strength I Light weight I Improved D:d ratios I Flexible I Hard wearing I Dyneema® SK78/SK75 WHITE RHINO SLING Manufactured using our high strength pre-stretched D12* with our ChafeGuard Dyneema cover. The construction of this sling results in very high strength and low weight, providing easy handling and allowing safe and quick installation and change overs. The design of the Rhino Sling allows for much shorter lengths and improved D:d ratios in the spliced eyes when compared to traditional constructions. Super low stretch thanks to the...

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Light weight and strong, HMPE Tow Ropes have been designed specifically for medium weight, front line armoured vehicles. Safer and lighter than wire, these 24 Plait Dyneema cover/ 12 strand Dyneema construction tow ropes can be quickly and easily deployed in critical situations by a single person. Strong, lightweight and flexible with excellent UV resistance, Marlow’s 8 Strand Polyester Tow Ropes are ideally suited for small to medium sized armoured vehicles. HMPE TOW ROPE DIAMETER POLYESTER TOW ROPE DIAMETER

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The Marlow rope bag is able to accommodate your K.E.R.R /snatch rope. SPLICED WINCH LINE ASSEMBLIES Our Winch Lines and Dynaline Max are also available in pre-spliced made to order assemblies. Factory spliced with a tubular steel thimble and a choice of standard or competition hooks. Pre-spliced winch lines are available in a range of lengths (or tailor made) with either a terminal or tapered end for connection to the winch or as an extension. Technora tails for specific high friction/high heat applications can also be added to spliced assemblies. Standard spliced lengths of 25m, 30m and...

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WINCHES AND CAPSTANS When a rope is wound onto a winch it is important that the wraps are neat and tightly wound. This can be achieved by winding the rope on whilst under tension. If the rope is wound on slack then it will be more prone to burying between the turns of the previous layer. Length of rope that can be held on a winch drum or reel can be calculated as follows: Length (m) =    710000 x T(F2-D2) d2 WHERE: T= Traverse in metres F= Flange diameter in metres D= Drum diameter in metres d= Rope diameter in millimetres ROPE STRENGTHS AND WEIGHTS Rope strengths are tested according to...

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