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Technical Ropes All ropes offer different characteristics such as varying stretch, strength, heat resistance and weight which will depend on specific project and application requirements. The Marlow team is available to assist you with your choice of rope. Many of our products can be manufactured for specific project requirements to required length with factory finished terminations and with specialist fittings. Construction Colours Lengths 12 Strand Dyneema® with PU Coating Black, Green, Blue, White 200m, (longer lengths available to order) Diameter (mm) Min Break Load (kN) Weight (g/m)...

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Construction Colours: Lengths: 12 Strand Dyneema core with high tenacity polyester cover White, Blue, Green, Red, Lime, Black, Natural, Grey, Navy 100m, 200m    '    ' High strength Dyneema®1 'mm Low str tch, Light weight Excel nt ft x fatigue Min Break Load(kN) 145.94 211.86 Weight (g’m)    245,    3.53. Construction: Colours: L ngths: 8 Plait or 16 Plait Aramid VelloW Made to ord r High strength Aramid Very low stretch, Heat resistant Manufactured to BS F 143 Specialist Cabling Products Construction: Colours: L ngtlis: Applications: Multiple 3-strand polyester cores, 16 plait polyester...

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3 strand polyester White w/ black fleck, Black, Navy Blue 100m, 200m, 220m (plain white only) No strength loss when wet Soft and flexible, Very easily spliced Good abrasion resistance Manufactured to BS EN ISO1141 Diameter (mm) Min Break Load(kN) Weight (g/m) Diameter (mm) Min Break Load(kN) Weight (g/m) Construction: Colours: Lengths: Benefits: 3 strand nylon Plain White 100m, 200m, 220m Strong compared to 3 strand polyester High elongation, Very easily spliced Manufactured to BS EN ISO1140 Diameter (mm) Min Break Load(kN) Weight (g/m) Diameter (mm) Min Break Load(kN) Weight (g/m)...

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12 Strand Polyester core with 24 plait polyester cover White and white with coloured flecks (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, plain White) 100m, 200m Strength Soft & Flexible Easily Spliced Construction Colours Lengths 24 Plait Spun Polyester Cover / Braided Polyester Core White, Blue, Red, Black 100m, 200m Soft matt cover for comfort and grip Flexible Construction: Colours: Lengths: Twisted polyester core, 16 plait polyester cover Red, Blue, Purple, Black, Lime with markers 100m, 200m Diameter (mm) Min Break Load(kN) Weight (g/m) Low stretch Smooth running cover Distinctive colours for easy...

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Rope Terminations and Assemblies Our experienced Technical Team are able to help specify and design ropes and rope assemblies for specific projects and applications. Please contact or call +44 (0)1323 444444 for more information. A wide variety of factory finished rope terminations are available to suit strength and usage requirements. Splices Most Marlow ropes can be spliced, this is normally the preferred method of termination. A good splice using the recommended method should not reduce the strength of a rope by more than 10%. Knots A knot will reduce the...

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Melting point Specific gravity (buoyancy of a rope / material) Ultra Violet Radiation Resii Specific gravity is a measure of the density of a material; a Specific Gravity of 1.0 is equivalent to a density of 1g per cm3 (i.e. a Specific Gravity <1 means the material floats). The following table shows the specific gravity of some of the materials commonly used in fibre ropes. All materials are affected by UV radiation to some extent. The following table attempts simply to rank different materials in line with their resistance to UV radiation The table below shows the typical melting or...

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The graph below shows the relative elongation of different products and materials when put under load 100 Doublebraid Polyester 8 Strand Nylon 8 Strand Polyester Dyneema Braidline Nylon Marlowbraid Vectran Ro p e mak T:+ e r Pa 4 r w w w 4 (0) 132 k, Diplo 3 44 .ma r c ks W 44 l ow r ay, opes 4 4 .c o m F : + 4 4 H a i l s h a m (0) 1 32 3 4 , East Suss 4445 e 5 i n d u x B N 27 3 st ria l@m GU, Un a r l ow it rope ed K ingd s .c o om m Load Extension Technical Information Ropes should be stored in a suitable clean, dry place out of direct sunlight and away from extreme temperature. Do not...

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