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MARLOW NSN NUMBERS1 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION DIAMETER (mm) LENGTH (m) SIZE    PAGE NUMBER    NSN NUMBER Fast Rope with multifit termination    40 Fast Rope with multifit termination    40 Fast Rope with multifit termination    40 Fast Rope with multifit termination    40 Fast Rope with standard DLT termination    40 Fast Rope with standard DLT termination    40 Fast Rope with standard DLT termination    40 Fast Rope with standard DLT termination    40 Fast Rope with standard DLT termination    40 Fast Rope with heavy weight DLT termination    40 Fast Rope with heavy weight DLT termination    40...

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Marlow Ropes have earned an outstanding reputation for quality and technical innovation for our defence and special forces products. This reputation is born out of pioneering designs that have been tried and tested in the world's harshest environments and toughest combat zones. Marlow are known and respected around the world for British design and quality excellence. Our facility in Hailsham, United Kingdom houses our R&D Centre and specialist production units and it is from here that we manufacture and distribute quality British made products to over 80 countries worldwide. Marlow are...

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FAST ROPES Marlow Ropes designed and developed the original Fast Ropes in conjunction with the British Special Forces. These ropes are now in use by traditional, special forces and SWAT teams in four corners of the globe. Make sure your Fast Ropes include the Marlow ‘Black Marker’ trademark. In response to the needs of the special units, we now offer a selection of 3 termination options: DYNALITE TERMINATION (DLT) Significant weight savings over metal terminations. Eliminates risk of injury to personnel on the ground when ropes are released post deployment. No metal parts, eliminating the...

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The unique construction of the Marlow Fast Rope allows comfortable control throughout the descent and makes it easier to slow down and break. The suppleness of the material means that the rope is not hard on the hands as less force is required than with other ropes. Oil and general spillage do not affect the speed of descent as Marlow Fast Ropes absorb liquids. FAST ROPES STANDARD 40MM FAST ROPES STANDARD 40MM HW HEAVY WEIGHT Heavy weight version of the standard fast rope. Weight inserts aid deployment from larger helicopters and maintain rope stability even with strong updraft and...

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INSERTION & EXTRACTIO F.R.I.E.S (FAST ROPE INSERTION & EXTRACTION SYSTEM) Marlow Ropes designed and developed the original multi use product for rapid deployment and retrieval, reducing the risk to helicopters and personnel. Each Marlow F.R.I.E.S can carry 6 fully equipped personnel with it’s loop and lanyard system and can also be used as a regular Fast Rope. F.R.I.E.S. are available with the same termination options as the standard Fast Ropes (page 4). F.R.I.E.S SPECIFICATIONS DIAMETER (mm) TRIED AND TESTED IN THE WORLD’S HARSHEST ENVIRONMENTS AND TOUGHEST COMBAT ZONES

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N SYSTEMSS.P.I.E (SPECIAL PATROL INSERTION & EXTRACTION) Marlow's extraction system has been designed for the transportation of a larger number of personnel with increased safety. Higher strength to accommodate greater number of personnel (10 to 12 as standard). Two loop integrated colour coded safety system for all personnel. One yellow loop for easy retrieval. Spliced eye termination. S.P.I.E SPECIFICATIONS DIAMETER (mm) LENGTH (m) SE PART NUMBER 28    27.4    TAU011 Marlow's floating extraction system allows easier retrieval from waterborne operations. Designed to carry 10 to 12...

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Known world wide as 'Black Marlow', Marlow Abseil rope has been tested and used by forces around the world. Specifically designed for rapid descent from helicopters, rock faces and in urban warfare situations, the POLYESTER ABSEIL ROPE (BLACK MARLOW)    combination of special cover construction and low stretch COLOUR BLACK BLACK WHITE BLACK BLACK DIABLO STATIC ROPES Marlow Diablo is a high quality rope with a special heat resistant cover. This rope has been designed for abseiling as rapid descents can in some cases melt the fibres of regular ropes. Diablo remains supple in use and is...

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STATIC ROPES Marlow Static are low stretch kernmantle ropes designed for rope access and abseiling. Marlow Static ropes are compatible with most management devices and comes with a visible year of manufacture marker as standard. REFLECTIVE STATIC ROPE High visibility at night or in dark working conditions with flexibility and suppleness. Abrasion resistant, outstanding dynamic properties and comes with a visible year of manufacture marker as standard. EN1891 TYPE B EN1891 TYPE A EN1891 TYPE A EN1891 TYPE A FALLS    PEAK FORCE    AV STATIC Colours available: white with black or red flecks,...

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K.E.R.R (KINETIC ENERGY RECOVERY ROPE) The K.E.R.R provides fast and effective recovery of armoured vehicles through the transfer of kinetic energy from the towing vehicle to the trapped vehicle. It allows quick and easy deployment for rapid recovery without the need for specialist vehicles. Construction: 8 strand high grade UV stabilised Nylon (Polyamide). Termination: 450mm protected soft eye splice each end. SPECIFICATIONS GROSS VEHICLE WEIGHT (TONNES) PART NUMBER    NSN Strong, lightweight and flexible with excellent UV resistance, Marlow's Polyester Tow Ropes are ideally suited for...

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Light weight and strong, HMPE tow ropes have been designed specifically for medium weight, front line armoured vehicles. Safer than wire, these tow ropes can be quickly and easily deployed in critical situations by a single person. Construction: 12 strand Dyneema® core with 24 plait Dyneema® cover. Termination: 250mm soft eye splice each end. GROSS VEHICLE WEIGHT (TONNES) DIAMETER (mm) ASSEMBLY LENGTH (m) ASSEMBLY WEIGHT(kg) PART NUMBER DYNALINE SPECIFICATIONS DIAMETER (mm) WEIGHT (g/m) min BREaKlOAD (kg) Marlow's Dynaline and Dynaline Max are designed to replace steel wire winch ropes on...

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